What Am I Doing Wrong in my Dating Life?

Meeting a man takes work but can be fun! One needs to commit and not just hope someone pops into their life. These six things are ruining your chances:

You compartmentalize your social life
I see this all the time and I did it once too. Women tend to dedicate one or two nights to meeting a man. She might work all week and then head out on her weekends to rendezvous with her friends.

This allows a whopping total of 8 hours to meet a guy. Of this time, she is catching up with the latest news from her friends, further lowering her odds. There are 112 non-sleeping hours in the week to meet men…use them!

Every day, all day, is an opportunity. Meet men getting coffee, grocery shopping, riding in elevators, and at lunch. Yes, it takes a bit of confidence and that’s why I teach it! The more social you become during the day, the easier it becomes to strike up a conversation with a guy. I call this desensitization and it works.

What Am I Doing Wrong in my Dating Life

Where are you meeting guys?

What am I doing wrong in my dating life?

All the wrong places
I consider most bars to be the worst places to meet men. Sure, you can go to bars to have fun but if you want to meet quality men I recommend wine tastings or charity events.

Supporting a great cause gives you something in common and most players are too into themselves to bother giving their time or money to a charity – so you are safe. You might meet an older guy here too.

I’ve said it a thousand times and I will say it again, sign up for a hobby you have always wanted to try, and go. This kills two birds – you will learn something new which will grow your confidence and you will meet some great people. With any luck, a cool guy will be there too.

Your body language is poor
Every Saturday night, I go out and purposely engage a group of women. They ask me why they are still single and what are they doing wrong. I tell them to spread out and get into groups of 2’s or, even better, go it alone for few minutes and regroup later.

Guys don’t want to approach a bunch of women huddled together like kittens, they need to see an opportunity to approach – give them this opportunity by spreading out and squaring your shoulders towards the room and not towards each other.

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Also, smile at people and laugh together. People are attracted to laughter and positive vibes so throw a few out there.

All talk but little action
Coaching women brings a few with excuses: “I don’t have the time”, “No one likes me”, or “Gregg, I attract all the losers.” Yes, that’s what happens when you put 10% effort into anything.

Don’t just say you want a great guy, instead, go out and take the necessary steps, time, and strategies to increase your odds. I like to set goals around meeting the guy of your dreams. Why wouldn’t you? Isn’t it one of the most important things in life?

what am i doing wrong with guys

Only put in as much effort as he puts into you!

Your screening sucks
You wouldn’t bring a bad pair of shoes home from the mall would you? No, you would try them on, look at them from every angle and even interrogate your friends about how they look on you.

Are you Tired of Dating?

So why do you continue dating a guy who’s not putting in the effort? You shouldn’t until he passes all your tests. Date multiple guys until one makes the cut.

Some women can’t do this because of their morals. I get that, but you are not sleeping with these men – you are screening potential suitors by dating them once or twice and having fun. No big deal.

Dating is a chore
If your attitude stinks, men will pass on you. Embrace the single life! You grow and learn about yourself when you are single. You could be spending the rest of your life with a guy, so why would not enjoy a single stretch?

Guys are more sensitive than you think. If they feel your bitterness towards dating, you will not be showcasing yourself in the best light. Find a wing-woman and have some fun!

If you get these 6 things under control, your outcome will be a forgone conclusion! Fall into one of these six traps and you might remain single, or worse, you could start dating the wrong guy.

So the next time you ask, what am I doing wrong in my dating life? Look over my 6 tips above!

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