How to Keep a Man Interested

How to Keep a Man Interested by Taking a Vacation

You’re right in the middle of some of the worst stress right now – the holiday season. Wondering what to get your parents, who have everything they need, what to get your husband or boyfriend, who can be tricky to buy gifts for.

Holiday parties, kids programs, it goes on and on. This time of year is stressful and stress takes a toll on your body and on your relationships. I know because I’m caught up in it too – holiday shoppers honking horns, cutting people off in parking lots and the whole mess. It’s Kirbie today to show you how to keep a man interested and get your relationship back on track.

In his new book, Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man Interested for Life, Gregg takes you through many different ways in which you can keep a man interested. Some are more challenging than others, but one suggestion you shouldn’t ignore is taking a vacation together.

Sure, your stressors may still be there when you get home, but taking a vacation from all of the other stressors of life can serve to give you time to talk, reconnect and discuss those stressors. A man is much more likely to listen to you if you’re both getting along, and if he’s happy. Who’s not happy on a vacation!

To me, this is not optional. The two of you need to see each other alone so you act like kids again without responsibilities. A vacation recharges the passion and keeps him interested and you interested in him just like the old days.

How to Afford It

This could even turn into a great gift idea for the two of you to give one another. Rather than buying him another tie, dress shirt, widget for his hobby or ugly sweater (c’mon let’s face it, it’s ugly), pool your gift money into the beginnings of a trip away.

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If it’s in the budget, you could even consider a quick, romantic weekend getaway. Anything which gets the two of you away from the house for a couple of days to a relaxing place works!

If going away just isn’t in the budget at all, go for a staycation. See if grandma and grandpa can take the kids for a couple of nights. Look into the nooks and crannies of your community for things to do. There are usually unknown corners of any town to visit – cute shops or something connected to one or both of your hobbies.

If you can’t afford to eat out, prepare a few meals ahead of time and pop them in the freezer, that way you’re just pulling something out and tossing it in the oven. Make sure to stop the mail and newspaper for a few days too so you’re not distracted by the stressors you’re trying to vacation from!

Vacation Rules

Establish some rules, like no cell phones except during designated times of the day like while the other person is in the shower or right after lunch before you head out to the ski slopes or antique shops. If you have kids at home, obviously you have to stay in touch, but having the phone with you while you’re trying to talk and connect can be a major distraction.

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Agree not to disagree. Of course, things come up which you may not agree on, but if it’s which tour to take today versus tomorrow, toss a coin and agree to do both. If that’s not possible, someone will need to compromise.

If your relationship is solid, compromise is not an issue. If you’re already on thin ice, this is good practice for you on learning how to compromise! How important is it really to visit one place over another? Are you just holding your ground for the sake of holding it?

How to Keep a Man Interested – Go on Vacation

If you’re having trouble convincing your man you two need a vacation, choose something which appeals to him. If he’s a football fan, head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in my home state of Ohio.

If he’s into skiing or snowboarding, head off to the lodge. If you’re not into it, take a few good books and maybe invite another couple to go along. The men can ski while the women do a spa day.

If your guy is into cars, I once visited The National Auto Museum on a trip to Reno. I’m not into cars but I truly enjoyed the visit. The point is to find something he will be interested in. This gives him fewer reasons to resist the idea. Next time, you can bargain for a trip focusing on something in which you’re interested.

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