Do you ever just sort of assess where you are in life? Nothing too deep, just stuff like have I done anything really daring lately? Or what’s the one thing in life I’ll NEVER do? It’s Kirbie today, and I’ve been running this question through my head quite a bit lately. I’m not sure I’m happy with the answer. We have a big family vacation coming up in about a week. I’m looking to it with mixed emotions, but that’s a different story. My middle daughter, who is wound pretty tight, is talking about going zip-lining. To say that I am shocked that she’s even uttered the words is an understatement, but she has. She and her boyfriend are planning to go zip-lining while we’re relaxing in the beautiful foothills of the Smokey Mountains. Between her wanting to do that, and rereading a couple of Gregg’s books lately, I’ve begun to wonder what I’ve done lately to challenge myself or do something I’m afraid of. The answer is very little. I’ve taken risks, no doubt, and I do feel more confident because of them, but there are some things on my “I’d never do that” list that I’m reconsidering. When I look back on my 50+ years of life, I realize that I have taken risks in the past. I rode a roller coaster, actually two different roller coasters on two different trips to the same amusement park. Both times, the risk was taken due to peer pressure (ahh high school!). I’m terrified of roller coasters, so this was a biggie for me. Even those water log rides are pushing it for me, but if my Mom will go, who am I to stand and hold purses? In the 30 years since high school, I don’t think I’ve taken many big risks. I did take a trip to Lake Tahoe many years ago, and hiked with a boyfriend up the mountain. It was just a day hike – maybe 4 hours up, 5 or so back down, and it was a tremendous challenge for me because I have major knee issues. I felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment, and I’d actually like to do it again. I was recently rereading To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, just one of Gregg’s best-selling dating advice books. While reading, this issue of challenging yourself came up again and I started thinking about what I’ve done lately that was risky or challenging. Other than leaving corporate America to work on my own, I can’t come up with much – some public speaking and a trip by myself to France is all I’ve got. It’s time to make some changes! My first step will be to make a new list of goals – on this list will be things that are a little risky, to me anyway. Once I have my list, I am going to make a plan of attack. I use the word attack instead of action because I think I need to attack my fears. Taking action just seems too mild mannered – the Clark Kent instead of Superman – or Superwoman! After that, I need to find someone brave enough to go with me. Shouldn’t be a problem. Then, it’s time to take some risks. Some of the things on my list are truly things I’m terrified of, so I’m going to have to muster up quite a bit of courage, but I think I can manage. Have you assessed your risk-taking lately? What have you done that presented you with a true challenge? Go with me into the brave side and take a challenge. Then, tell me what you did below!

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