Learn How to Unlock His Hero Instinct

What the heck is hero instinct? Let me explain.

Many men long to be a hero in everyday life – we live vicariously through the super heroes of our past.  The reality is that we are pretty safe these days so saving the world probably isn’t going to happen. But we would still like to be a real-life hero with the woman we love or might soon meet.

Have you noticed that almost all men have a hero? In high school, my hero was Bobby Orr, who played for the Boston Bruins. As a kid my hero was Batman, and there were many more throughout my youth.

Today I fantasize about being a hero in everyday life – taking out a terrorist or rescuing some elderly person from an attacker. The hero instinct resides in all men.

I sometimes think about what it would be like to be The Terminator!

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Sure, the reality is that I might wet my pants and run, but I still want to believe I can be that hero.

It would make me feel great if I were to get treated as a hero sometimes, and if that someone was female, I would be very attracted to her.

How can you use this to your advantage and find a great guy?

Make him your hero!

But your instincts and upbringing say otherwise. You want to give everything to your man and ask for little. You want to take care of him.

I get it, but quite often this attracts the takers and not the heroes.

Find the Right Man by Triggering his Hero Instincts

Compliment Him

Hero instincts get fired-up by compliments, but you must choose the right compliments for them to be meaningful. Tell a carpenter he has great woodworking skills and he’ll think, “Eh…I hear that all the time.” Tell him you admire how considerate he is to the people he meets and BAM…hero instinct!

Like everything else I teach you, use compliments sparingly or they lose their impact.

Target your compliments in areas he might not otherwise receive them in, to ensure you’re the only person he’s hearing it from.

Challenge Him

Superman didn’t just show up for anything – he showed up when there was no one else who could save the world from evil!  Do the same thing – well, in a 21st century way of course.

Challenge him to a game of racquetball or a hotdog eating contest. Make him ‘put on his cape’ and defeat the enemy (the hotdog) or lose the girl.

Ask for Help

Women rarely ask for help, and I don’t understand why. Maybe it’s because you are so independent that you feel you’re all set in life. This may be true but, for the sake of Gotham City, ask him for help!

Guys fix things. It’s what we are built for. Kitchen sinks, moving furniture, mowing lawns, and bathing your dog are ways we show that we like you.

Yeah, it’s not as romantic as flowers and chocolate but it is our way of saving you from the evil world.

Let him help you and trigger his hero instinct so he stays with you and craves more!

Hero Instinct – Make Him Work for You

‘Nothing worthwhile comes without a fight.’ These words should be on everyone’s mirror – they’re on mine!

Make him recognize that you’re not some ‘placeholder girl’ until someone new and better comes along. You are a keeper and to keep you means he needs to stay on his toes!

Do this by keeping and returning to your vibrant social life outside of his.
Here are a few more ways to show that you are keeper:

  • Break your routine – when he zigs, you zag!
  • Change your look. It’s fun
  • Stay positive even when the world around you is in a constant state of misery
  • Be open to all ideas and be open to trying new things
  • Thrive outside your comfort zone
  • Take on new hobbies and adventures so you always have stories to tell!

Hero Instinct Conclusion

Most women don’t even understand the hero instinct inside men. If they did, they would lock onto it and keep it alive! The women who understand this concept are the keepers – you know, they are the women that always seem to get the guy.

When a man doesn’t feel the hero instinct stirred within, he might start to look elsewhere. This is why relationships fail! And its so simple to stir! It’s almost comical like the marvel comics he still loves.

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