Weed Out the Users, the Couch Potatoes and the Losers

Sneak Peek! Here is the intro to my new book, Weed Out the Users, the Couch Potatoes and the Losers

It’s a rare man who will tell you, “Jennifer, you are not the woman I truly desire, so I will keep you around until I find someone better.”


“Patricia, I am an emotionally unavailable man incapable of loving anyone, but my words will convince you otherwise.”

Ah, no, it’s not gonna’ happen.

The dating world is full of predators that don’t want to date you or even know you more than a few hours (ideally it would be minutes). They want one thing and one thing only. And while it goes without mentioning, they’re damn good at it, too. I mean, they are careerists. Imagine having a 40-hour workweek trying to have sex with women. They know exactly what you want to hear, and they know exactly how you want to be treated. They are masters, professionals, ARTISTS in the trade.

You’ll meet them. You may even have an enjoyable night or two with them. But they won’t date you. They won’t meet your parents. They’ll say they like your cat when they don’t. And then, he will stop calling you and won’t return your texts. Even though you had a feeling, a hunch, it will still hurt like hell because you’ve been used, and that sucks for anyone. Ladies, do this enough times and you’ll be literally dying for a decent man.

And I’m only describing one of the toxic men on my list! There are even worse ones.

  • This is unacceptable!
  • This is what’s wrong with dating!
  • This is why women get so frustrated!

There is no guide, until now, for women to weed out the users and losers so they can get to their goal – Mr. Right.

Women are wasting days, weeks, months, and even years of their lives getting played because they don’t understand how to properly expose men that currently are, and may never be, emotionally available.

This book fixes this once and for all!

This is not your fault – you simply don’t know how to spot men who play these games.

I get it, being single is frowned upon in our society. Any relationship is better than being alone. Any, right? So grab a guy, any guy, who doesn’t wield an axe and showers once in a while because you can’t suffer the humiliation of being the bridesmaid wearing the ugly dress again!

I am working on the book as we speak.  Almost every email I answer ( I get 50 per day) involves a woman dating a man that might not be the best thing for her “long-term well-being” – meaning he sucks!

If you have a question that needs answering or a story to tell – there is still time – leave a comment below in the comments section and I will solve it inside the book. This is for you, help me help you!

**Weed Out The Users is now live on Amazon.

Oh, this is gonna’ be FUN my friends!

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