Where to Find Mr Right

Bars get old fast—and the guys there aren’t exactly keepers. I thought you might enjoy discovering a few new places where to find Mr Right.

It’s a great big world out there. If you’re limiting your options to just the guys you meet at bars, or at work, you’re doing it all wrong! Here’s a great list of places that are far more specific, and have a tendency to bring in A-list guys that are actually worth dating.

#1: Parks

Tug on your snow boots, scarf, hat and parka, grab your dog (or borrow one from somebody) and take a stroll at a park you know has plenty of activity in the late afternoon/early evening. Parks are awesome because you can find guys that are active and take care of themselves. Your borrowed dog makes for a great conversation starter. Catch up to a good lookin’ guy and tell him his shoelace looks loose. Bam! Instant conversation.

#2: Workshops

Not just any workshop mind you, but one that you might actually enjoy. This could be related to dancing, writing, or something active like snowboarding during certain times of the year. Book clubs are also cool—although you’ll need to find one that caters to the age group that interests you.

#3: Tastings

Tastings are awesome venues to meet guys. Your best bet is to go for something like a tequila tasting or whisky tasting that is being run by a charity group or some other organization raising money. Beer tastings work too! Find out where they’re being held, grab a friend (but don’t cling to her!) and get to flirting.

#4 Volunteering

Finding a good volunteer group could land you a great guy. Your best bet is to look for groups organized on college campuses. You can get even more specific by finding a group that is engaged with work that interests you.

#5: Weddings

Weddings don’t come around all the time, but when they do, they’re the perfect place to find an eligible bachelor. The bride and groom probably invited a ton of friends—not just a close circle that you may already know. It’s likely that some of those plus-ones aren’t very attached to the person that brought them.

Weddings can be a great place to meet a guy and make connections

#6: Business Seminars

There’s nothing like a business seminar to locate fellow-minded workaholics. If you’re an ambitious working woman and you want a guy that’s going to share your drive and dedication, why not check out some of the local business seminars going on around town? If it’s slim pickings, try looking at the largest nearby city.. Who knows, with the right seminar, you may have a lot to discuss with someone over drinks after the event.

#7: Museums and Art Galleries

Cultured men aren’t likely to approach you in your jean miniskirt and tube top at the local college pub, but that won’t be the case if you’re downtown checking out new exhibit that just came to town. Don’t know much about art? No problem. Guys are insanely happy when women ask them questions. Keep shooting them his way and he’ll ask you to dinner in no time.

#8: Casinos

More specifically, blackjack tables. A blackjack table is always packed with guys. The churn is fast enough that it feels like speed dating in some cases, and if those reasons aren’t good enough, guys love seeing women hanging out, having a drink, and playing cards. Don’t wait to find a table with cute guys. Grab the first open table you see and watch the men come to you.

#9: Music Festivals and Concerts

You already love the music. Wouldn’t it be great to meet a guy who enjoyed it also? Instant conversation starter right there. And because these events attract a huge number of people, there is a great selection of guys available.

#10: Blood Drives

Blood drives are always going on, and they tend to attract people that aren’t entirely self-centered. If you get lucky you’ll find yourself sitting by a good looking fella. If not—don’t worry. Blood drives always have a snack bar nearby where people hang around before heading out. Bump into someone on accident and tell them “must have been the blood loss. I’m feeling a bit dizzy!”

In what types of unique places have you stumbled upon men?

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