Signs You’re Being Used by a Man Don’t Just Include Sex

Users take advantage of women for financial gain or to improve their social status.

Not knowing the signs you’re being used by a man leaves you vulnerable to their ploys. I like to use the term wet kittens to describe users. You take them in, they pee on your rug, and they leave without saying goodbye, and without a reason.

They’re also hard to spot, they don’t show their true colors until you’re firmly committed, and once you’re in a relationship with one, he’ll be nearly impossible to shake until he has sucked the life out of you!

Users often lie. Many women give them the benefit of the doubt when they shouldn’t. There’s no excuse for staying with a man like this. Read the signs below, and if he fits the mold and you determine you’re being used by a man, send the wet kitten to the shelter!

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You’ll find the signs you’re being used by a man below. Check them out and if your guy is doing more than a couple of these, you need to split—and fast.

Sign #1 You’re Being Used by a Man | He Relies on Your Income

Unless you’re married, there is absolutely no excuse to be supporting a man financially. And by supporting a man, I mean paying for more than just a night on the town every couple of weeks.

If he can’t pay his phone bill, rent, or some other critical item, it’s time to reassess your status with him. Even if he gets laid off from work, a guy who cares for you would be horrified to ask for money.

He’ll either step up and find another job before his cash runs out, cut back on his expenses, or both.

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signs you're being used by a man

Sign #2: He’s Proud of What You Have and Wants to Show it Off

Wet kittens are drawn to women who have what they want. A great sign you’re being used by a man is when he wants something you can offer, like a new iPhone, or a penthouse on the Florida Keys. A user dates you solely because you have, or can offer him something he wants.

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Essentially, he’s improving his status without doing anything himself. Dating someone who has everything you want is almost as good as having it yourself. Status isn’t always about possessions but can come from being famous or well-known for something.

He Only Calls When He’s Having a Bad Day

Have you noticed that he only calls when he’s frustrated, depressed, or horny? That’s one of the warning signs you’re being used by a man.

Quality men aren’t on the lookout for an emotional handout, so if you notice this happening a lot you need to take a stand and talk to him about it.

This is by far the most difficult type of user to get away from.

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Sometimes these men are mentally unhealthy and rely on you as their emotional support because they can’t find it anywhere else.

They use manipulative statements like, “I’d be lost without you to talk to” or “I’d kill myself without you” to coerce you into staying with them. Now that you feel guilty for thinking of leaving him, he’s content and will continue his wet kitten behavior. He plays on your guilt to prolong the relationship far past its expiration date.

used by a man

Sign You’re Being Used by a Man#4: He’s Inattentive

A user doesn’t think about you until he wants something from you. He doesn’t care about your wants, needs, or feelings because it means he has to take action and do something for you.

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If you feel like you’re being ignored, or he seems conveniently busy on days that are special to you, it’s time to show him to the door.

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Sign #5: You’re the Only Responsible One in the Relationship

Ideally, you and your guy split any responsibilities you have between you. If you live together, you both contribute to the bills and household maintenance. But, we both know it doesn’t always work like this, and this is one of those signs you’re being used by a man.

When you feel you’re always working while he’s lounging around, having fun, you must address it. All relationships have some kinks to work out, so don’t automatically assume he’s a user. Talk with him first, when you’re both in a good mood, and determine a way to split the workload.

A guy who puts up a token resistance but ultimately agrees to help is okay but if he tries to switch the blame and argues with you, you’re being used by a man.

signs you're being used by a man

Signs You’re Being Used by a Man

If you are looking for signs you’re being used by a man, you already suspect you are. Ignore all of the emotional responses you have, put them out of your head, and look at things from a logical standpoint.

What does your intuition say? Do you feel used? Are the scales pretty even, or do you feel like you’re the only one putting effort into the relationship? If the answer to those questions is yes, it’s probably time to break it off for good.

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