How To Know If He’s A Player

Maybe everything is perfect, or maybe your gut is telling you something is off. Either way, if a guy seems too good to be true, chances are he might just be. If you are questioning whether or not he’s for real, there’s probably a reason! It’s time to separate the men from the boys and learn how to know if a guy is playing you.

Tiffany here. Let’s start with the 3 basics and then delve in a little deeper:

  • Trust your instincts. They don’t call it woman’s intuition for nothing!
  • Be smart and keep your eyes open. Don’t be blinded by pretty words and good looks
  • Study his body language and learn the telltale signs of a liar

How to Know if a Guy is Playing You: Trust Your Instincts

According to Psychology Today, women have a greater ability to pick up emotional cues than men. It’s like this innate sense, or even a super power, which has been there all along — we just need to listen and trust our intuition! I don’t care if he’s Brad Pitt and George Clooney rolled into one. If your gut is telling you something is off about him, pay attention!

Be Smart

Gregg Michaelsen tells us to beware of sharks. Don’t dip your toes in the dating pool before you heed his warning, otherwise you might get bitten! Sharks are far from authentic, and they’re easy to spot. Look for these signs:

  • He is dressed to impress
  • He is a master of conversation
  • He knows exactly what to say to make you swoon
  • He is charming and exciting
  • He is overly confident.

Sharks are pros! They say and do everything right because they’ve had a lot of practice! Be smart, and don’t be his next victim.

The Body Language of a Player

The face of a liar holds clues and can be a dead give-away. Watch for micro-expressions like rapid blinking, face twitching, flushed cheeks, flared nostrils, lip biting, increased swallowing, face touching, contracting of the pupils, or breaking eye contact. It may only take a split second, so watch closely!

Liars often keep their hands behind their backs or in their pockets, since fidgety fingers may give them away. Open palms mean openness, so watch his hands. His hands covering his mouth doesn’t mean he thinks he needs a breath mint either – he’s lying!

The body of a liar may be stiff with his arms and legs close to his side. Watch his movements – they may not match the story he is telling.

The “Is He a Player” Quiz

Use these tips to test your guy and find out if he’s the real deal or too good to be true. Find your opportunity and see how he stacks up.

If something comes up in a conversation that makes you go hmmmm, make him elaborate with open-ended questions. The more he talks, the bigger his story will get until he gets trapped in his web of lies.

If you’re still not sure, have him tell his story again, backwards. Just say you missed a few details. Liars tend to talk quickly, so it won’t be a stretch and players are accustomed to women clinging to their every word – this is no different. Okay so it’s a little different, but he doesn’t know that.

Ask questions, but be sure not to interrogate him during the process. The goal is to gently and subtly unnerve him and throw him off his game. Whether he’s a player or a genuinely nice guy, it will show. You just need to play your cards right.

Eventually, he will feel challenged to keep his story straight. Watch carefully to see how his confidence changes. He wants you eating out of the palm of his hand. If he begins to lose control of the conversation, his true self will show and he will give up.

Now, You’re Informed

Hopefully you are no longer wondering how to know if a guy is playing you. You should now be able to spot a liar no problem — just trust your instincts, keep your eyes and ears open, and be smart, ladies!

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