Take Control of Your Relationship By Understanding Men! Part 4: Rejection!

I have been answering all your emails, every day, and the subject of “understanding men” from a man’s point of view seems to be what resonates the most. Even my podcasts with pros like Lorna Poole, Suzanne Oshima and, coming in May, Dr. Allen Darbonne, are about my strategies to understand and get what a woman desires from men.

Everyone, even the pros, want to hear more about my game changing strategies!

On February 24th I blogged about the 12 ingredients that go into men. Do you remember them?

Today I want to talk about the 3rd ingredient – Rejection.

Let’s face it, we all dislike rejection. I remember the first time I asked a girl to the prom. I got shot down, OUCH!

Rejection comes in all forms and when it hits a man in early in life it has a lingering effect. Those who get through their childhoods relatively unscathed are the ones who turn into confident men. But many do not. Many men have been rejected so many times by women, employers and their own friends that they have decided it’s easier not to engage, to not take chances.

Why risk being rejected when you can just follow the pack and not rock the boat?

When you understand the effect rejection has on men, you can use it to your advantage when attracting men. For example, when a man approaches you, give him a chance. Give him a full 60 seconds before you consider rejecting him. A man struggles in the first 30 seconds and needs your help! Root for him, help him out. If he struggles this is a good sign, this means that he is not a player and does not have the smooth lines.

What normally happens? Women reject the guy that says something awkward or “wrong” and waits for the comedian with the blue eyes and chiseled chin to walk over.

Two weeks later, they (the player and the woman) are at the same bar repeating the process with different people.

If you are in a relationship, understanding men and how they relate to rejection can help you too. Make sure you communicate in a winning way. Your boyfriend or husband is going to screw up! But if he tries to fix your car, or he tries to paint the room and does a crappy job, save him the lecture. Instead, give him an A for effort so he will take the steps to get it right the next time.

Again, many women will go for the jugular and say things like, “You have no mechanic skills!” or “Really, that’s the best painting job you can do?”

OUCH…just like my prom date!

We are simple creatures, we don’t need much, but we do need a few things to keep us happy and thriving in life and with you – handling rejection is one of them.

I can take ANY scenario, pick from the DNA tree (or the conveyor belt to manhood as I like to call it), and solve the problems you have with men and now you can too!!

Next week, we will talk about DNA Imprint #4 – We hold in our emotions!

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Gregg Michaelsen

Gregg Michaelsen

Gregg feels that coaching has chosen him. He grew up just as many others – in a dysfunctional, but loving family. After going through twelve years of his own failed relationships, he decided to try and decode dating for men and women. That elusive older couple sitting in the park holding hands gave him hope!

Gregg began his journey into understanding the mistakes we make in dating and how to fix them by interviewing thousands of people – happy couples, unhappy couples, singles looking for ‘the one’ and everyone in between. He reviewed his own dating experiences and combined all of this information into his series of dating advice books for men and women.

Gregg Michaelsen
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  1. Sherry Belfield  May 4, 2017

    Hello again Gregg. You haven’t heard from me in a while. I agree on some points made here. Your talking about chicken livers. I don’t know that there’s hope for these type of guys. If a guy likes a girl, have the balls to let her know. Chances are very high that we like to hear it. For some of them it only takes one bad relationship, and it’s over for the rest of us gals. I don’ t think they’re following the the back of the pack. I think they don’t want to do the work it takes to contribute to a relationship; show up, do their part. It’s too scary to take that risk again. It’s like another big investment that could go bankrupt. these guys have all the means to have a relationship, they have it in their heads they can’t. Women will not wait for them to get their shit together. Is regret better to live with than fear of rejection. Precious moments come and go so fast. If you don’t grab them, use them, they will pass you by. Before you know it, those moments are gone forever.

    • Gregg Michaelsen  May 4, 2017

      Hi Sherry,
      Great to hear from you again my friend! I couldn’t have said it better myself. The fact is many men lack the confidence to step up and get in the game. They prefer never playing for fear of showing their vulnerabilities to another person. Sad, yes, but true. Women need to recognize this and leave these wet kittens to graze alone. Thanks for the comment!!


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