It’s an age-old question, what makes a guy pull away from a great relationship? Here is some insight about why your guy may have a fear of commitment, and how NOT to lose a guy.

Things start off hot and heavy and he’s genuinely into you. You spend more and more time together and things get real, but REAL feelings scare some guys.

The thought of being with one woman for the rest of his life starts to stir and he panics. With bachelorhood threatened, he worries about losing his freedom, his friends, and his money. He most likely wants a commitment, he just doesn’t know it yet. It’s up to you to ease his fears and neutralize the situation before he pulls away. What can you do?

  • Keep your own social network
  • Encourage him to make time for his own friends
  • Offer to pay for your own meal or pick up the tab once in a while
  • Don’t smother him

Never chase a guy, and don’t focus all your energy on him. Instead, focus on yourself and pursue your own interests outside of the relationship. Let him chase you. Enjoy your time together, be there for him when it counts, and give him some space when he needs it.

what makes a guy pull away

Understand How Men Love

In To Date a man, You Must Understand a Man, you learn that men and women express love in different ways. Women ooze love and wear their hearts on the outside. He isn’t, nor can you force him to be, the same way. It’s not in his nature.

Once you understand how a man loves and differences between you, you won’t worry about the relationship and whether he wants to be with you.

When women worry, you go into a panic mode of your own. You are more emotional and needy, which only causes a greater divide. Pushing him to say he loves you ten times a day pushes him further away. Instead, let him show you his love because that’s what he knows.

Does he want to please you? Not just in the bedroom, but with little things, like bringing you coffee in the morning, or offering to fix the leg on your antique kitchen table? Is he protective of you? Is he generous and thoughtful? Has he introduced you to his friends or family?

Chivalry can be faked, but these things cannot. These things tell you he loves you and that he wants you to be a part of his life.

what makes a guy pull away

Stop the Smothering

Have you seen the movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days? Kate Hudson’s character is a magazine writer who purposefully does everything in her power to drive Matthew McConaughey’s character away. She uses the classic mistakes women make for the sake of a good article. Everyone knows they’re perfect together, and by the time she realizes it, he’s running in the opposite direction.

You want to yell at the screen and tell her to stop acting so obviously crazy before it’s too late. While you’re probably guilty of some of the same offenses and just can’t see it, it’s always easier to see it in someone else.

Sure, it’s just a fictional story, a romantic comedy that thankfully has a happy ending, but if you want your own happy ending, stop smothering. If you come on too strong too fast or act overly possessive and overly sensitive, don’t be surprised when your guy pulls away. Think like a guy and play it cool. And let him miss you once in a while.

Has Your Guy Left Already? Here are Five Steps to Get Him Back

Do you want to get your ex back? 

Check out this proven Five Step Process to Get Him Back! Work your way through these five steps and:

  • Feel less emotional
  • Figure out what happened to end the relationship
  • Rebuild your confidence
  • Toy with his psyche
  • Plan your meeting with him

As you’re reading, many men come back months later. Taking these five steps helps guarantee that your new relationship will be a success!

The Sex Factor

Things may be hot and heavy at first but soon, things go from sex to making love. He may start to wonder if you’re the one? Sadly, guys are wired to want to spread their seed with as many women as possible.

The thought of never doing it with another woman besides you freaks him out, at first anyway. Help him get past his fears by making him want to have sex with only you. Show him your wild side by mixing things up one night, and then make him wait a few days. He will only want you more.

Remember to keep cool and confident in the face of any setbacks. When he realizes he really loves you, he won’t be spooked by commitment and he may even ask you to be his wife. The fear of not sharing his life with you will be way scarier than his insecurities. You just need to play your cards right.

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