I thought it might be fun to look back and reminisce about some of the lessons about women I’ve learned through my dating experiences. I asked a few of my male readers too. Feel free to comment below if you agree or don’t or if you just want to toss in some of your own information about women or men!

  • “Don’t try to fix her problems, instead listen and try to understand. She wants empathy.”
  • “Never question how many shoes she has and if she intends to wear them all.”
  • “If she has a cat or dog, you better show her that you care as much about them as you do her or you will be toast. If you think you can fake it you can’t – her pet will know.”
  • “Never have a serious conversation while drunk.”
  • “Speak in full sentences and never answer with “good” or “sure.” Long complete sentences seem to tell her that you care for some reason.”
  • “Help her around the house especially with “unmanly” chores like doing dishes, cooking and cleaning.”
  • “Hug your wife or girlfriend everyday at least once – this will take away any small anger she might be hiding that you don’t know about.”
  • “Do not re-arrange your co-owned condo or house without first consulting her!”
  • “Text her back immediately or else you will pay for it later.”
  • “Make sure she has met all your friends, even the ones you rarely see.”
  • “Understand that Valentine’s Day is only for women and not men, then make it 10 times more special than you wanted too.”
  • “Her birthday lasts 61 days. 30 days leading up to it, her actual day, then 30 days after her actual birthday.”
  • “Your shoes matter too.”
  • “Don’t mess with her plants.”
  • “Orgasms remain a mystery – we wish women came with an owner’s manuals.”
  • “Every woman I have dated seems to like high-end cheese. Maybe that’s just me, but it seems to be a trend.”
  • “Learn all about wine or you will appear uneducated to her even if you graduated from Harvard.”
  • “Most women have no sense of direction and will get lost in a Walmart, even with a GPS.”
  • “She knows all your pass-codes.”
  • “A great sense of humor can counter a small penis (This particular advice comes from my friend not me :)”
  • “Women can multitask like a machine but they know that you can’t so don’t try looking at your phone while she is talking – she will get pissed.”
  • “Don’t ever compare your wife or girlfriend to her mother. If you must compare make it to a hot 20 something diva.”
  • “If you have dated for a year or longer you will never get away with a lie – she will know your body language like a shark smells blood.”
  • “If you don’t know what the 4 C’s mean you are going to learn REAL SOON!”
  • “And finally, don’t wear that shirt! It looks like shit. Let her pick it out.”

So there you have it! 25 or so lessons learned about women that my colleagues and I put together! I bet you have a few chosen ones for men now don’t you??!!

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