Gregg here today! Ladies, there are questions all men would like women to answer. I hope I don’t come across as sexist, but these are burning questions men have but, if we work together, I think you can clue us in! Help me as a dating coach to better understand how your minds work! Please choose which you’d like to answer and put your response in the comments (or answer them all!) I’m on pins and needles!

Why so many pairs of shoes?

Ten seems sufficient. Twenty? Thirty? Fifty and sometimes over one hundred? Why? Are you covering up something in your personality?  Often times you won’t even wear them and yet they need to be on display for all to see.

The toilet seat

Isn’t easier to just put down the toilet seat then squawking at us four times a day? We obviously will never learn so why not just put it down yourself?

Your hatred towards our sports teams

We just want to see our four professional teams and a few college games per week. Can’t you enjoy them with us? Instead of telling us to get off the couch, can’t you sit on the couch with us? And why not learn the rules? We will be happy to teach you using the cat laser toy!

The talk

Why must we always be asked where this relationship is headed? Why does it always have to be headed somewhere?  Can’t it just remain right where it is? I don’t know many guys who ask there girl where they are headed. Men just want to enjoy the here and now, can’t women do the same?

Over an hour to get ready?

Why? What goes on in the shower? Your bodies are smaller than ours so why does it take four times as long to get your body clean? Do you really need the ten items in the shower? Pert has a two in one shampoo and conditioner, can’t you use that? Then comes the makeup, the drying and sculpting of the hair, not to mention the clothes being changed over and over again. I was ready an hour and a half ago. Now, I just want to stay in and watch my sports.

Parallel parking

Is there a gene in your DNA which does not allow you to parallel park? You shouldn’t need to purchase a car based on its ability to park itself. Why can’t this be learned without airbag deployment?

Over texting

Why are women’s texts the length of the Gettysburg address? Just tell us that you will be over at 8:30 and end the text there. If we don’t respond, it doesn’t mean we hate you or we didn’t get the text, it means, “OK, see you then.” We are not breaking up. If we are forced to send back a response, let it be one smiley face and leave it at that.


Now this one might not be your fault but why does it take an owner’s manual, three baby goats, and a jester to make you reach an orgasm? Are we that bad in bed? Can’t we just get off more times than you and call it even? Why does it need to be equal? We can look at a glass of milk and have an orgasm – this is not our fault. Answer these eight questions, and we will change our ways forever! OK, I lied – we’re incapable of change. Just please don’t ask us eight questions back – that wouldn’t be fair! If you would like to understand US better, click the link below to grab my #1 Best Seller, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man.

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