5 DAY TEEN BOOK GIVEAWAY! Winning The Game of Teen Life: A Teenager’s Survival GuideWinning the Game of Teen Life: A Teenager's Survival Guide Hello my readers! Gregg here, and this post is for all the moms out there with teenagers 13–18 years old. It has come to my attention, as I read all your great emails, that if I could grab youths early in their development, I could circumvent many of the problems that teens will run into later in their lives. Financials, self-confidence, peer pressure and bullying just don’t get addressed like they should in high school. As an adult life coach, I spend a great deal of time helping people develop skills which help them live happier, and more successful lives. For many adults, their problems began in their teen years when growing up was brutal. Confidence can hit an all-time low as we try to find our way through life. Failed relationships, tragedies like the loss of a friend or family member, divorce, bullying and a host of other events in our young lives slowly scratch away at our outer layer of confidence, leaving us feeling unsure of ourselves, vulnerable and incapable. Grab Your Son or Daughter and Join Me – Let’s Help Them Kick Butt In High School! I will be their mentor. I will be their protector. This book contains the pieces of the complicated teen-life puzzle that are missing – the pieces your son or daughter needs! Their friends don’t know these secrets and you can’t always be there because you are too busy – but I can help! In Winning the Game of (Teen) Life, I am going to crank-up the self-esteem for teens before the damage becomes more difficult to undo. I use this book as a launching point, with two workbooks and a journal included for free. These combined tools provide teens with a new identity, a new confidence, a new sense of what is going on around them, and a new ability to walk confidently in hallways which once were dreaded. Teens who follow this program, beginning to end, will find themselves spending less time worrying and more time enjoying the best years of their lives! Because I am serious about taking on this venture, I am going to give this book away for free Dec 8th through Dec. 12th! During these dates get Winning the Game of (Teen) Life by CLICKING HERE. My only favor I ask?  If you like the book, please review the book HERE. Click a star – and tell me what you think. Thank you!

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