Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Many of you contact me to try to get your ex-boyfriend back after reading my best seller, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast.
My tactics make you step back and look at yourself. Something was wrong between the two of you. It may have been directly related to you – or him – or both, but something was wrong. If you get back with your ex what is going to be different?

Exactly nothing.

Instead of crying and begging him to reconsider, why not take this precious time and make yourself better. It sounds counter–productive and feels as if it is going to be a lot of work, but, what if, in the end, he sees that you have changed and that you have become a more confident woman? If he is a high value man, this will make a big difference in his mind!

And let’s face it, isn’t this what life is about anyway? Growing as a person, through as many everyday experiences as you can fathom? The more experiences you throw in your jar, the more interesting you become, and the more confident you are. If you know to ride horses, play racquetball and white water raft you have developed more confidence. The more experiences – the more confidence. If you play Xbox and watch reality shows like your lazy boyfriend, what have you gained? Certainly not much confidence but probably a fat gut.

Do you know what attracts high value men to women? You guessed it – confidence! Confidence and high self-esteem trumps neediness and over availability – two of the highest ranking flaws women have which cause men to leave in the first place.

The secret to getting your ex boyfriend back is to to work on yourself. This is what my book, and this website, is all about. When you build your confidence, you will win on so many levels. If he comes back, he will be shocked to see a more positive you. If he doesn’t come back, you will not need him anyway because with confidence comes choice and this includes your choice of men.

He will not change – but under my direction…you will! Many women discover that they choose not to take their ex’s back because they don’t meet their new standards. Sorry guys.

Don’t be left out! Hop aboard my confidence train and shoot your confidence through the roof. We’ve got it all here, right on this website: The books, the coaching – whole kit and caboodle!

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