3 Tips to Keep Your Hubby from Doing the Nanny

Yo Ben, the nanny, really?

It looks like Christine Ouzounian, the nanny, has been doing a little more than watching the kids. This leads to me to this thought: why would Jennifer Garner ever hire a hot looking 28 year-old nanny to watch their three kids? Might as well shut Ben off from sex for a month, pull up to the playboy mansion, and drop him off for the weekend, blue balls and all!

On the other hand, what a brilliant move by Christine – get in with a high-end nanny service in Beverly Hills. Brilliant!

Seriously though, this should not happen so let me help you keep your hubby from doing the nanny.

Hiring a nanny is a great idea

Ironically, hiring a nanny is a great idea. A nanny allows couples, tired from the daily grind, kids, and in-laws to get out on a Saturday night and enjoy things ‘like the old days’ for a few hours. This re-ignites their attraction and places the attention right where it should be more often – on each other.

A nanny also adds one more adult to the wolf pack, so the pressure of taking care of the kids can be more evenly divided. She can manage basic disciplinary things, only getting parents involved when things are serious.

She can do many of the jobs that are mundane, like dropping the kids at soccer practice and doing the shopping. Managing these day-to-day tasks takes the pressure off parents so they can be present for the important things.

That said, here are some rules:

To Keep Your Hubby from Doing the Nanny – Don’t Hire Someone More Attractive than You

I will catch crap for this but it’s true. Why would you hire someone younger, with a more perky body, and long, flowing blond hair to live with you? Are you testing your husband? Why? This is not a matter of jealousy or honesty, this is just common sense. Men are still men, and they have weak moments and make mistakes. Tell me this, would you have a thoughts of doing your nanny if he was a Chippendale? You would be lying to me if you said no.

Rotate Nannies

Personally, I don’t want a nanny getting to close to my kids. There is a precious bond that all dads and moms have with their children. If you’re not creating this bond, you may need to reassess your priorities. I think parents can become too busy with careers and they forget what really matters. By rotating nannies, you get the best of both worlds without the kids getting too attached to any single one.

Hire Older Nannies

28? No. I want a nanny who is older. I want a woman who is not going to invite her Tinder date over and do him in my infinity pool while the kids are playing with fireworks in the road. I also want a woman who has experience with kids so they are aware of how kids can misbehave – like playing with M-80’s in the street, if given the chance.

Bonus Tip: Spice Things Up a Bit!

Truth be told, if your man’s eye is wandering, you may need to spice things up a bit. I wrote about this a few months ago in my post, 5 Causes for a Stale Relationship and Tips to Spice it UpIt’s easy, especially when you have kids, to fall into a daily grind and begin to ignore the needs of yourself and your man, in lieu of the kids. Adding some spice to the relationship just might be what you need in order to keep your hubby from doing the nanny.

So Ben and Jenn, take advice from a top Boston dating coach – get your nanny shit together!

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