Ever wonder how some women just seem to turn on any man they’re around? They also seem to have the pick of the litter when it comes to guys.

I’ll bet they exude many of these turn ons for guys.

What Turns on a Guy You’re Trying to Meet?

Giving Him Attention

Looking at a guy and making eye contact is a major turn on. Don’t just look at him. Look at him, smile, and hold the look longer than might seem comfortable.

He’ll look away and look back if he’s interested. You can also look away and look back again. It’s a very powerful move.

Approaching Him
Yep, I said it, walk right up to him and say, ”Hi.” You don’t need any special line, just say hi with a smile, then say, “My friends thought you were cute and made me walk up to you.” Or something fun like that!

Lose the fear of rejection and just do it. No big deal. I’ll argue, a million people who should have met last night didn’t because one of them didn’t have the guts to say hi to other.

Placing a Note in His Hand
Walk by on your way to the lady’s room and place a note in his hand. “I think you’re cute” will work or “Come say hi” does the trick too.

No guy wants to get shot down in front of his buddies, so this move is powerful. It says you’re interested and puts him in a good position in front of his friends.

Keeping Great Posture

Don’t slouch. Ninety percent of all communication is non-verbal, so use it to your advantage. Stand up straight with your shoulders square to him. This tells him that you are confident, interested, and curious.

Squaring your shoulders toward him also sends a signal that he is the most important thing in the room, to you.

Use this body language tip to notice which men may be looking your way with their shoulders squared toward you. He’s interested!

Asking Questions

You know guys love talking about themselves, so ask questions that get to his passions. “So, Jeff, what gets your juices flowing?”

He’ll go on and on and give you all kinds of new info to expand on. Show interest in his passions and he will start to equate you with what he loves.

Getting Him to Pursue You

If a guy doesn’t begin to pursue you, move on to the next guy. But, if you are doing the above, he’ll want to pursue you. Let him. It’s how men work best.

When he texts, delay a little. When he sets a date, show interest but change it to your time and your liking. Be kind and polite.

Learn How to Turn On a Guy Through Text

What’ll happen? He’ll want you even more because he now knows that you’re busy and he’s not yet a priority and now he wants to be.

What turns on a guy sexually


What turns on a guy?

Giving Him a Massage

Man, if I get a massage from a woman, I go nuts! Foot massage, back massage, I don’t care. Touch is very important to guys whose love language is touch.

One key tip: do it without asking for reciprocation. Later, you’ll get your massage too.

Going Commando

When you’re out on a date with that slinky black dress, whisper in his ear and tell him you have nothing but bear skin down there. This will get his mind and other body parts excited!

Say this while you’re at the restaurant when he knows he has to wait until later discover more. The anticipation to get you on the couch will drive him nuts.

Doing Him in The Car

Do him in the car, against the wall, on the counter or on the piano. Anywhere that’s outside the bedroom is a huge turn on for a guy! We also like semi-public places too. My girl and I did it at 30K feet in a plane. We got scolded but we will always remember that awesome turn on.

Watching Porn Together

Porn watched together is a wonderful turn on for both of you. Even a sexy chick flick will get the job done for most men. Wear some sexy lingerie for bonus points.

Masturbating in Front of Him

I’m getting turned on just writing this stuff! You can even start in the bedroom without him. He’ll be joining you in no time.

Sending Him an Audio Recording of You Masturbating

This is better than sexting, in my opinion, and I know guys who would agree. This allows us to use our imaginations about you are doing.

Turn Ons for Guys Long Term


Let’s not just think about meeting and dating a man turn ons, there are key turn ons that guarantee that you keep your man for good.

Keeping an Active Social Life

Never make your guy your hobby like many women do. Instead, keep a social life outside your relationship. This keeps you happy and full of new stories to talk about with him. This also keeps the challenge going and helps you remain a little mysterious.

“Where is she right now and who is she with?” Do this and you will always keep him hooked.

Changing Your Look

When you come home with a brand new haircut, he is going to shake his head in a good way. He’ll wonder what the heck you will do next. Why does this work? Guys fantasize about screwing different women and now you become that different woman.

Changing Your Routine

He thinks you are a Starbucks chick, and you start going to Dunkin Donuts. He thinks you hang with one group of friends and now you have a new bunch of girlfriends. You zig when he zags.

This becomes a turn on because he thinks he has you all figured out. Ask him this after you bring home four shelter cats to babysit for a week!

Giving Him Space

I call this perceived freedom. Allow him to go golfing for the weekend while you do the same with your friends.

Guys like to believe that they can survive without you and they like to show this to their friends. They’re wrong of course, but give him his perceived freedom once in a while.

This keeps him happy. My friend Ted was never allowed to even see his friends once he got married. Can you imagine? They got divorced last year. Give your guy some space.

Laying on Him

Odd huh? I have interviewed many men along my years and they like this one. They love when a woman lies on their back or falls asleep on their lap.

I’m not sure why. I guess we feel like we are protecting our gal from the outside evils – that nothing can come between us.

It just feels good.

Competing with Him

I like this one. Guys love competition so bring it into your relationship. Tell him that you will kick his ass in a sprint or at mini golf.

My girl and I compete when we go grocery shopping. We each have a separate cart and our own list and we see who can get it done and get to the register before the other.

It’s fun and I love it.

Oozing Confidence

If you read any of my international best sellers, you know that confidence comes first, then the man. By keeping your friends, hobbies and passions you grow your confidence.

This allows you to set boundaries that no one can touch – even your man. He knows that if he were to disrespect you, you’d be gone in a NY minute.

This also makes your time valuable. You don’t have time for people in your life who are Debbie downers, including him if he heads in that direction. You’re a team and you work together, not against.

Building Great Memories Together

This might sound obvious as a turn on, but you would be surprised at how many couples stop compiling memories. They start to fight over kids and money instead.

This is why I create date night ideas for couples. You must continue to grow as a couple, or you will be toast. Work together on your bucket list and he will be turned on forever!

Turn Ons for Guys Conclusion

From the very moment you see that cute guy in the corner to your 50th wedding anniversary years later – these are the things that keep your man turned on.

It’s easy to overlook them, if you do, you might start blaming yourself for your relationship failures. Don’t! Keep this list of how to turn a guy on in your head and start following through tonight.

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