Hell, yes! You should tell him how you feel!

I get the “Should I tell him how I feel?” question all the time from women who are scared to share their feelings with a man they like.

They ask:

“What about the game Gregg?”
“What about the challenge and keeping the mystery you always talk about?”


Shouldn’t he make the first move?

I get it. And, yes, I have said those things – so let’s clear things up now.

It’s how you act after you make it clear that matters! If you tell a man you have feelings for him and start texting him to death, lining up dates, and stalking his ex, yes you will chase the horse out of the barn.


If you say, “Jim, I’m starting to like your shapely ass”, and back off, amazing things could happen. He’ll expect you to start texting him a million times and, instead, he is shocked that the opposite happens – you go back to your amazing fun-filled life where you are happy with or without his shapely ass.

Do you see the difference? You bulldoze through the friendship crap and you open the door to love while you create challenge and mystery.

You put the ball in his court to do what he wants with it. If he does nothing, then you try one more time two weeks later, or you move on without any hurt.

Then, you do it again with another man who gets your attention.

Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

The key is developing a vibrant social life so you have these opportunities. Next, have the confidence to tell men how you feel without taking a hit if you don’t get your desired outcome.

Put these two things in place and the rest is easy!


Get your confidence here.
Get your social life here.

The alternative? Wait, wonder and hope he makes the first move.

Flirt endlessly.

Both suck! Get it over with.

Tell him how you feel. I guarantee you’ll be shocked by the outcome. You’ll find that the guy you thought wanted nothing to do with you wants to grab a pizza this weekend.

And, you’ll feel great about yourself for doing what few women dare try!

What’s the worst outcome? He smiles and you never hear from him again? Big friggin’ deal. Stop allowing yourself to imagine the worst outcome and start envisioning the best outcome. In fact, do this with any decision you make.

So, when you ask, “Should I tell him how I feel?”, my answer is a resounding yes!

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