Selling Yourself Short in Life is the Result of a Toxic Past

Have you ever had a friend tell you that you are selling yourself short when it comes to men and dating?

I have said this to women from time to time and it hasn’t gone over well at all, unfortunately.

It’s no wonder relationships fail at the high rate they do – people sell themselves short.


It’s all about self-worth. If you don’t think highly of yourself, there is a greater chance you will pick a mate who doesn’t have much self-worth either. Likes attract likes.

The negativity of your inner game reminds you of how average you look, how incapable you are in life and how awful your attitude is.

Is this the right way to go into a relationship?

selling yourself short

No. Friggin. Way.

Build Yourself and He Will Come.

This is the tagline of my website and my business for a reason.

Having a man in your life is not the answer. A positive you is! What your mind tells you all day is not reality, it’s the false reality created by a hurtful past.

It’s not your fault. There was no class called “Life Coaching 101” in high school or college. So no wonder women choose the stiffs who use them and move on. They expect to get dumped.

It really is pathetic and sad but it’s not your fault.

What to do if you are selling yourself short

Be aware of all the words you say to yourself throughout the day. Be especially aware around the mirror at home. Lose “I can’t, I won’t, I look like crap, why did I” type of negativity and replace it with the opposite:

  • I look great today
  • I am deserving of love!
  • Let’s work out
  • What a beautiful day
  • I am thankful today for…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe what you are saying at first! Just start replacing the ugly with the positive and soon the magic will happen – you will believe what you say to be true!

Hocus pocus? I’m afraid not my friend. You have full control over your inputs so learn to feed yourself positive thoughts and your result will be amazing confidence. Feed it negativity and out pours depression, stress, lack of confidence and yes – unsuccessful relationships.

Today is the day to stop selling yourself short! If you’re doing this today and would like to delve deeper into how to make positive changes to live a happier life, please check out these two freebies below and my best selling confidence course, “Comfortable in Your own Shoes.”

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