Stop Liking Someone You Aren’t Dating!

Have you ever jumped into a hot tub only to have the water spill over the edge? This is called displacement. That water spilling over the edge will never make it back into the hot tub…or it shouldn’t unless you allow it to return. We’ve all been there. Crushing on some guy or gal that we shouldn’t be. He is married, a player or simply a lousy fit. He only calls you when he wants to get laid or he borrows money from you all the time but never pays you back. Heck, I’ve gotten questions from women with all the above issues and it was long distance to boot! Stop the madness. Learn the ways to stop liking someone that has no place taking up space in your life and brain.


Take the time that you are spending with him or thinking about him and fill it up with something you like a lot. Notice, I said a lot. If you fill it by jogging four miles and you hate jogging, you will simply cry about him while jogging. But if you love horse back riding and you are on the back of an appaloosa – then BAM…displacement! The more time and the activities you can attend, the better you will feel as time works its magic.

Reasons I hate your Ass

You’ll enjoy this one. Make two columns. On the top left write in bold letters: “Reasons I hate your ass.” On the top right, write: “More reasons I hate his ass.” I like having two columns the same ? OK, hate may too strong so go with “why he’s not a good fit” if you like. Start writing. Really think about the hurt you will feel if you continue down this road that your gut, family and friends are warning you about. Look over your list whenever you start thinking about him or he texts you (late night) to join him.

How to stop liking someone – Don’t sit idle

This is when it hits. You’re staying home on a Saturday night when all your friends are out and you start thinking about him again. Get back out there! Meet new people. Have fun with your friends and go easy on the alcohol. Flirt with new men you meet even if you have little interest. The confidence boost will feel great.

Block him

If you are allowing him to see you on social media, you aren’t letting go. Block him. Make it clear to your friends that you need to let go so they stop talking about him, even if they have nothing good to say about him. What happens is that just when you begin to heal, he will contact you to say hi and the feelings start to flow again. Take this option away.

And finally – Break your routine

Rearranging your day is exciting! It makes you think more. Routines are programmed so you don’t think. Exploring a new Mexican restaurant instead of your usual dig will have you more engaged in the moment. To stop liking someone means making a conscious plan. It’s like taking Theraflu right when you feel your first symptoms – you’ll heal faster!! Embrace being single – more and more woman are choosing this option

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