5 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Quiet Guy

Quiet guys can be great men to date, if you understand just how they tick. I’ve worked with a lot of men, and although every guy is different, I have found that quiet guys have certain attributes.

Follow my tips below and thrive with your quiet, shy guy.

They listen…a lot

Dating a quiet guy can be the perfect remedy for your bad day, incident with your cat, or exciting train ride you took to NYC.


Because quiet guys are excellent listeners. They want to hear about your day. You can text him paragraphs and he will actually read it all! Your quiet guy will not be dry texting you anytime soon.

H might not be compelled to talk about his day but, trust me, he has honed his listening skills to the max.

So, go ahead and rant about hairballs while your shy guy smiles ear to ear.

Quiet guys remember facts

Remember the last player you dated – the one who forgot your birthday? That won’t happen with Mr. Quiet Guy. He listens and he imprints important things in your life.

He knows your favorite color is orange and that your Mom’s secret recipe involves lamb-chops. Feel free to tell him these personal facts – rest assured that they will not be forgotten

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He makes you feel special

Have you ever dated a guy who really seemed to get you? He looked deep into your eyes, said wonderful things, and made you think he was the one. Then, you watched as he looked deep into your girlfriend’s eyes and did the exact same thing.

Yeah, that sucks. Dating a quiet guy is better because he only opens up to you. He is not necessarily comfortable around people he doesn’t know well, so this attribute is reserved only for you.

How refreshing!

When he talks, people listen

I’m a loudmouth. I bellow over my friends. Therefore, what I say seems to get overlooked. I get it. I say so much that it’s too much to handle.

The quiet guy doesn’t say much because, well, he’s shy. Therefore, when he does say something people really listen! It’s like when Forrest Gump finally stopped running and everyone was waiting to see what he had to say.

When your quiet guy has something to say, listen to him intently and ask him questions. You’re going to learn something worth knowing and you will grow closer to him.

He’s not going to fight back

This is a good thing. That fighting with your ex was not healthy, even though you might have enjoyed it at times. Many women welcome, and even need drama in their lives. Dating a quiet guy puts an end to this.

A quiet guy is not going to fight back. He is more apt to listen and make his point hours or days later, after he reflects on your conversation. And when he does, it will be eye opening.

Realize this and start “fighting” like he does – listen more! You’ll find that it is much more conducive to solving your issue.

He likes his quiet time

Great news for you! This means he’s fine when you go out with your friends. He wants you too because he needs his introverted time alone. When you return, you’ll have stories to tell that he wants to hear. This is a win/win for both of you!

Dating Quiet Guys

OK, so maybe dating a quiet guy will not light your hair on fire, but quiet guys can be great men to date if you understand how they tick. Think about the five attributes above and realize how awesome your relationship can be if you take advantage of his qualities.

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