Creative Ways to Say I Love You Info-graphic!

You did it! You landed the perfect guy!


Now you need some creative ways to express your feelings without saying the three most overused words in the English dictionary.

I Love You.

Guys don’t even understand those three words. Oh, we will say them but most of the time we do because you’ll be angry if we don’t!

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

We love you when we fix things!

We show our love through actions. Men cut the lawn, stay home when you’re sick, fix things and protect you from the evils of the outside world.

Granted, repairing your car isn’t as romantic as saying I love you, but it’s our way.

So it makes sense for you to show your love with actions too, right? Yes, we like when you say I love you but you can do it better and I have 100 ways to help you!

Many are actions and do not even involve the moving of lips – well, most don’t!

Go ahead and print out 100 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to Your Man and use it for a reference when you want to mix things up and show him new ways to tell him how much you truly love him.

Here are a few creative ways to say I love you:

  • Start his car on a cold morning
  • Mirror his behavior
  • Get up in the morning even if you don’t need to be up yet
  • Give him his own space in the house – he needs his own man cave!
  • Do that “freaky thing” he asked you for
  • Make a big deal out of his Birthday
  • Don’t fear the mixed CD – give him songs that mean something to him
  • Give him a massage – then give him sex!
  • Wear some sexy lingerie
  • And 91 more!

Pick from the list once a day or once a week and watch him reciprocate as your relationship flourishes!

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