Your last relationship just ended. It was with the same type of guy you have dated five times before. You’re left wondering why you keep attracting the same type of guy, the guy who ends up being all wrong for you. What’s a girl to do? How do you stop drawing in the wrong kind of guy? It’s time to understand yourself better so you can start attracting the right man! “To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself” is one of my confidence books for women. It helps you dig into yourself to understand why you keep attracting a certain type of guy and what changes you can make to get the RIGHT guy!

Do You Have a Story?

As you look back through your life, can you tell an interesting story? Have you developed several hobbies – maybe cooking, hiking, traveling or dancing? Do you get out and hang with your friends, have adventures or otherwise go out and have a good time? Doing these things helps you to develop an interesting past – a story. Women with a great story are very interesting to men! We love to hear about how you climbed to the top of that mountain! We aren’t interested in women with no story – “I live with my parents and hang out with my friends partying 4 nights a week” is not the story quality men want to hear. In “To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself”, you will learn more about what kind of story men like and how you can develop a great story for yourself!

What is Your Confidence Level?

Often, women – and men – think they are more confident than they really are. Confidence is about not only understanding yourself, but accepting you for who you are. To be confident is to radiate happiness and peace with your life as it is right now. You are you, and you are okay with it. Many times, people think they are confident, but they are really just wishing for that confidence – if you are confident, you don’t need to walk around telling people – they know!


I’ll be back to you in a couple of days with more information on my new book. We’ll chat about the importance of having a mentor, another way to help understand yourself better.
“You have given me the best advice of anyone in six months including two very expensive therapists.” – Sue


Do you have a story? Let’s get a conversation started! Help other women by telling me what you want your story to be in the comments below.

About Me…

I have sold more than 70,000 books, providing dating advice to men and women with several  #1 Best Sellers. If my books aren’t #1 best sellers, it’s because they are #2 or #3 behind my number one! I wrote this book to help women in all stages of dating life, whether you’re currently single, in a relationship, or even married, there is something for you in “To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself”! You will know what to do to before you get into your next relationship, or what to do now to keep your current relationship in a good place.

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