It’s Kirbie again, coming to share some fashion tips with you today. I was blessed (depending on how old they were) with three daughters and one son. They’re all adults now, living their own lives, but they still manage to finagle their way into my day every now and then. It’s particularly heart-warming when one of them tears up because I dressed myself to their liking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Aww, Mom, you dressed yourself today and you’re so cute!” Not really as many as you’d think (unless you can see through my computer to me in my sweats and zippered hoodie). The first time it happened, it was kind of like a slap in the face! I thought, “Whatdda ya mean I dressed myself”?!?!?!” What do they think I did before they cared that there was no peanut butter on their collar? Truth is that I have a trick and it’s called….you guessed it…the Internet. HA! I stumbled onto it quite by accident one day while I was prowling around Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you need to click on over after you’re done here and get one! Anyway, I digress. I was on Pinterest and I saw these adorable combinations of clothes – maybe a cute top with a snazzy scarf, a jean jacket or blazer with a cute pair of jeans, the purse, shoes and other accessories all right there in one Kirbie-proof photo. Of course, I clicked it, ’cause I’m sharp like that, and it took me to a site called Polyvore. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Basically, their purpose is to sell stuff, but not their stuff, other people’s stuff (think Amazon-ish). Their way of doing it is ingenious – put together adorable outfits and post the whole shebang. You can ‘sign up’ through Facebook, but you don’t need to in order to browse. They also have a mobile app, but I haven’t checked it out…yet. Okay, I hear you – you can’t afford to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I’m right there with ya sister! Here’s the thing – most of what they are pairing is basic staples – white button downs, jeans, boots, jackets of one sort or another, sweaters, etc. I use it as an idea generator. Light bulb moments, if you will. Then I hop, er mosey, on over to my closet to see what I can come up with that is similar. I can usually come up with something that mimics what they were shooting for in the photo. This is a GREAT resource if you’re getting ready to go on a date – especially a first date – and you’re nervous about putting together something that says “I’m smart, good looking, and I have a sense of style.” The outfits on Polyvore range from your basics to stuff that’s pretty snazzy and dressy – shorts and sneakers to heels and sequin dresses. It’s a great boredom buster late at night, and also it can be helpful if you do win the lottery and get to go on a big clothing shopping spree! I’m much more attentive to scarves and other accessories when I’m out shopping now and sometimes I even remember to wear those cute things that I get. There are a lot of great sources for low-cost accessories today too! I don’t know how wide-spread some of these are, but try Charming Charlies, FiveBelow, Forever 21 (there are sometimes things for those of us well over 21) and even Target. I’ve found great things in all of those places – without my daughters. If you don’t care for Polyvore, below are a few other similar sites that I found. I will say that the models are pretty young and thin in some these, so I do prefer Polyvore myself. There are more no doubt. Maybe you can share a site you found a site similar to Polyvore. Have you used Polyvore? Where do you go for your sense of style?

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