How to Send Your Book to Your Kindle or Kindle App

In order to transfer your new eBook to your Kindle reading device, you need to send it to your device with your Kindle-specific email.

IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS PROCESS, YOU MUST HAVE THE KINDLE APP INSTALLED ON YOUR DEVICE. To find the app, you’ll need to go to the app store for your device. If you’re using it on your PC computer, go to the Amazon site and you can download it there.

Be sure to start by downloading your MOBI file.

I know what you’re saying – WHAT? I have a Kindle specific email?

Yes, you do.

You can find yours here: Kindle Device.

Scroll down and find the Kindle app icon. Click on it and it will take you to a page that shows all the devices upon which you have the Kindle app downloaded.

Upon landing on the Device page, scroll down and find the device you’re planning to use. Below the name of the device is your email address.

Open your email service and send yourself an email with the MOBI file attached to it.

Open the Kindle app on the device you chose and check for the file. If it’s not there, double check that you entered the address correctly and that you chose the right device.

You will need to repeat these actions to send it to other devices.

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