Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

Hell, yes! You should tell him how you feel!

I get the “Should I Tell Him How I Feel?” question all the time from women who are scared to share their feelings with a man they like.

They ask:

“What about the game Gregg?”
“What about the challenge and keeping the mystery you always talk about?”


Shouldn’t he make the first move?

I get it. And, yes, I have said those things – so let’s clear things up now.

It’s how you act after you make ...

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The Ultimate Collection of Fall Date Night Ideas for Couples

105 Wonderful Date Night Ideas to Share!

I don’t know about where you live, but in New England, fall is a beautiful time of year and it can also be a very romantic time as fireplaces begin to blaze and the beautiful colors of autumn dance across the landscape.

It’s a great time to get back into the date night habit or start one if you haven’t put one in place. I’ve compiled this list of date night ideas for you and, ...

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4 Ways to Bring Out the Hero Instinct in a Man

Learn How to Unlock His Hero Instinct

What the heck is hero instinct? Let me explain.

Many men long to be a hero in everyday life – we live vicariously through the super heroes of our past.  The reality is that we are pretty safe these days so saving the world probably isn’t going to happen. But we would still like to be a real-life hero with the woman we love or might soon meet.

Have you noticed that almost all men have ...

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Journaling Techniques That Work!

Whether it’s a personal or couples journal, starting a journal is like starting a new workout – you need great journaling techniques! Otherwise, it’s great at first but fizzles out fast and before you know it, the excitement and consistency wane into more of a meh kind of feeling.

Well, there are too many benefits to both journaling and exercise to give up so quickly, so today I have some journaling techniques to keep you on track.

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Bucket List Journal and Why You Need One!

Can a Bucket List Journal Change Your Life?

The movie The Bucket List sort of brought forth this idea of making a list of things you want to experience before you die or kick the bucket. In the movie, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play hospital roomies, both terminal. Nicholson’s very wealthy character decides he needs a bucket list and, with time, the much poorer (financially) Freeman secretly creates his own list.

The two break out of hospital and begin their adventure ...

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Dating a Divorced Man? 10 Tips to Make it Work

Yes, Dating a Divorced Man can Work – Here’s How!

You know the dangers of dating a divorced man from my last article, now let’s give you some tips on dating a divorced guy and making it last.

Some men need a second round to get it right

That means that timing is everything for you. Many get married too young and believe they’ve met their soulmate when, in fact, they were too young and immature to know what they wanted.

Age and ...

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Dating a Recently Divorced Man? 4 Things you Should Know

Dating a Recently Divorced Man Comes with Complications

You finally met a great guy after months of meeting frogs. This man showed up on time, smelled oh so good and holds a decent job. Congratulations! There is one small problem you didn’t know until now – you’re dating a recently divorced man.

You think, “No big deal, he’s over her, he even says so.” But a few dates pile up, and you start to realize that her name gets mentioned more often ...

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Good Night Messages for Him That will Keep You on His Mind!

Heartfelt Good Night Messages for Him

Did you know that a good night message to your guy might be his most powerful memory of the day? So why not use this opportunity to make him feel good about himself and tell him how you feel.

Guys are more sensitive than women think, and they respond to words of appreciation. The key is to shoot him a good night message every now and then – don’t overdo it.

Whether you just met, or you ...

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Fun Ways to Practice Self Care for Women

Self Care Tips for Every Woman

When you think of self care, what comes to mind is probably not representative of what self care truly means. You might think that when I mention self care, I’m talking about taking some time out to pamper or indulge yourself.

Self care for women is actually more about understanding that you have worth and value as a human being and treating yourself accordingly.

Women tend to be better at nurturing others than they are at nurturing ...

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Me. You. Forever! Your Personal Couples Journal

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Am I Dealing with a Stage 5 Clinger?

How to Spot a Stage 5 Clinger

Remember that guy you hooked up with a month ago who keeps showing up where you are? How about that dude you went on one date with who keeps texting?

You could have crossed paths with or even be dating a Stage 5 Clinger and not be aware of it.

Often, its men who talk about women being clingy, but men can be just as clingy and sometimes it can get downright creepy.

A clinger is ...

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5 Ways To Spice Up Your “Soon To Become Boring” Relationship

Spice Up Your Relationship!

Today, we have guest blogger, Maria Parker.

There are two types of people in this world – those who fall in love and commit for the long haul and those who have an unexplainable fear of falling in love, also known as philophobia.

Although you might say that only one of those two groups is doing something wrong with their life, I dare you to think again.

The group who falls in love and commits ...

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Free Relationship Advice for Women | From a Guy Who Cares!

Free Relationship Advice for Women

Free relationship advice is mandatory when you are new or just returning to the dating scene. How do you flirt? What do you text a guy? How do you craft an online dating profile?

Hello! If we haven’t talked before, my name is Gregg. I give both paid and free relationship advice for women. I am a dating coach and an author of multiple best-selling books. More than a quarter of a million women have already benefited ...

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Why Do Men Stare at Women and What are They Thinking?

Why Do Men Stare at Women?

So you’re on the train and a cute guy keeps staring at you. Why do men stare at women? What is he thinking?

1) He wants to steal your money, phone and your jewelry
2) He likes you

Let’s go with option #2 – it’s more fun!

I wish I could say that when you catch a guy staring at you, he is analyzing the odds of compatibility by using an algorithm more complex than what Google ...

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NSA Relationship? Here are 8 Reasons you Might Want One

Some Women may Benefit from an NSA Relationship – Here’s Why

NSA relationship means ‘no strings attached’ in case you didn’t know.

We all have heard the reasons that NSA relationship don’t work, but I want to throw a stick in the spokes and see if I can get you to consider another side.

A side that might help you find true love later.

You see, if you are confident enough going into an NSA relationship, you can come out with new skills that ...

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Are You a Clingy Girlfriend? 6 Behaviors to Avoid

How to Not be a Clingy Girlfriend

Jessica contacted me and asked if she was becoming that clingy girlfriend after three months of dating.

She said her Zeus was pulling away and not responding to her texts like he used to. Jess said her friends are wondering why she is acting so weird around this guy – like she lost all sense of herself.

She knew she was a hot mess but didn’t know what to do about it.

Jessica had become a clingy ...

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I Hate Being Single! Let Me Help You Change That

I Hate Being Single! 15 Ways Why Being Single Rocks

Guess what? Your mirror called and is telling you to get a boyfriend.

Right? Your mirror, your mom, your friends and even your cat thinks you are a broken woman with little to offer. Nonsense!

What if I were to tell you that I get on average 35 emails per day from women that are supposedly ‘living the dream’ in a relationship.

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The 7 Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

Men. They Always Come Back. Why?

You and your boyfriend breakup, and he doesn’t care about you until months later, after you stopped caring about him. Curious isn’t it? Men come back like a flock of sheep to grass. There are several reasons for this and I’ve got seven of them for you today!

First, let’s look at why he probably left, then follow up with the seven reasons why men come back months later.

Why He Left: The Challenge Evaporates

Nothing worth ...

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Riding Solo – Embrace Being Single!

How to Enjoy Being Single While you Prepare for Mr. Right

My next book is for all the single women out there who are having a hard time enjoying being single. You might be single mom dating or a woman fresh out of college, if so, my new book Riding Solo can help you.

Inside you’ll find issues addressed that you have emailed me about. Issues like rumination and the lack of single quality men. I’m going to talk about what ...

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Just How Many Dates Before Sex Should a Woman Have?

How Many Dates Before Sex?

First Date Sex? My thoughts are evolving on this subject as I listen to my readers and hear what is actually happening on Saturday nights.

My initial advice has always been to only have sex after a man has proven his worth through a series of tests that you put him through – without his knowledge of course.

Right now, I want to ‘tweak’ my advice to fit what I am hearing more and more – people want ...

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