Why do Men Get Spooked?

The Experts of YourTango Discuss

Gregg was recently invited to New York City to participate in some engaging discussions with a few world renowned  Dating Experts. Gregg, Dr. Helen Fisher, Fiona Fine and Jasbina Ahluwalia all brought vastly different perspectives to some very important relationship topics.

In this discussion, the group, mediated by Melanie Gorman of Your Tango, discussed a key topic – Why do men get spooked in a relationship? The ladies, all with their own ideas, were intent on hearing Gregg’s solution for women on how to keep their men from getting spooked. Watch this 6-minute video to find out what everyone had to say!

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The Experts

Helen Fisher

Dr. Helen Fisher is a top biological anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. Helen has done extensive research on various aspects of human relationships. She is considered the leading expert on the biology of love and attraction. She is now the most referenced scholar in the love research community. In 2005, she was hired by match.com to help build chemistry.com, which used her research and experience to create both hormone-based and personality-based matching systems.

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Fiona Fine

Fiona Fine is the author of Babe In Total Control of Herself (BITCH).

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Jasbina Ahluwalia

Jasbina Ahluwalia is a relationship and dating expert and matchmaker, as well as a radio show host.

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