In the early days of the Personal Development Plan, we began to examine your vision and values. You did a lot of dreaming and as the course progressed, you worked on fine tuning those things into your mission statement and some goals. Today, were going to revisit those dreams and begin to really visualize them. This should include the goals you’re working on and those you are not yet pursuing.

When you visualize your goals, your brain has something to work with. It can process the information and determine what resources may be required to help you achieve the goal. In addition, having a visual representation of your goals and dreams helps you to stay motivated to go after them!

Time and time again, we hear stories of professional athletes using visualization to achieve their goals. They envision themselves scoring more touchdowns, running faster, winning a gold medal or whatever their goal may be. It is a very powerful way to engage your mind in the process.

While we will spend the majority of our time focusing on actual visual representation of your goals, it is important to note that engaging other senses can be helpful. If you want to buy a new car with a leather interior, imagine smelling that leather; place your hands as if you were holding the steering wheel of that new car. It seems silly, but it all helps.

The key to visualization is to use it to see the outcome. Don’t visualize yourself as you look today if you’re trying to lose weight. Visualize yourself AFTER you’ve lost the weight! Visualize the thinner, healthier you wearing clothes which fit nicely and look great. If your goal is to take a trip, visualize yourself on the trip. Look at pictures of the Eiffel Tower as if you’re standing right there. Close your eyes and imagine a ride on a gondola or lying on a hot beach with the sand between your toes.

Today, we are going to work on creating a vision board. My printer is not being cooperative right now and I’m too cheap to spend money on a new one because I rarely use it, so I’m drawing my pictures. Don’t dismiss this as an option. Even if you think you’re only capable of drawing stick figures, it’s visual and it will work. What I don’t want you to do is create a vision board on Pinterest. If you want to save images there, fine, but I want you to create a hard copy of a vision board which you can see every day, multiple times a day.