Get him back

The Ex Back Multiplier compliments and enhances my best seller, Get Your Ex Back Fast!

Hi, I’m Gregg Michaelsen…

I know. You’re feeling desperate right now. He left. You’re upset and wanting to get him back. You’re angry and wishing parts of him would shrivel up and fall off…

I get it…but I’m here now, to help you!

All I Can Say is Wow! - Anita
I was really feeling down in the dumps after my break-up with my boyfriend. A friend of mine recommended that I check out this course. I was skeptical to say the least. When I saw that there was a money back guarantee attached to this, I decided to make the purchase. I figured, I had nothing to lose. Well, I got to say, it was the best investment I made for myself and my emotional state of mind. I was feeling alone, sad and hopeless. With Gregg’s help, I can say that he was with me every step of the way. I am back on my feet feeling great and now have got my ex-boyfriend knocking on my door wanting me back. Gregg’s program really does work. Thanks Gregg! You have made me feel hopeful again.

You’ve been trying to get him back directly. You’ve texted him, maybe left a few unfortunate voicemails, probably sent a few scathing emails, and what has it gotten you? Nothing!

It’s not your fault. This is what your female instincts tell you to do. It’s what your girlfriends, your mother and your sister are telling you to do.

But now, there’s a new sheriff in town who is going to show you the right way to get him back…INDIRECTLY.

Even though you feel as if nothing will bring him back. Even IF he has said his final goodbyes. We will draw him back to you!

I have the solution which has helped hundreds of women get their ex back! I have the solution which will get YOUR ex back!

I can make him BEG you to take him back!

I can make him want to be your boyfriend!

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Women who follow my advice develop successful, happy relationships with high value men who treat women well. They have men begging to date them.

With the Ex Back Multiplier, You Get

Getting to Know Yourself

  • Regroup and gain perspective
  • Discover yourself again
  • Realize your accomplishments
  • Change your inner voice
  • Evaluate where you are
  • Recognize how you interact

Dreams Come True when You Set Goals

  • Learn why having goals will help
  • Discover how to set powerful goals
  • Make positive life changes
  • Learn to make dreams a reality
  • Creating habits to draw him back
  • Adjusting to your new life

Mystery, Challenge & Hobbies

  • Understand what happened with him
  • Learn the power of mystery
  • Discover why challenge is important
  • How these work to draw him back
  • Begin building the new you
  • Make changes he will notice

Pulling it All Together

  • Discover the right type of man for you
  • Learn where high value men hang out
  • Be the woman who stands out in the crowd
  • Know how to use man mode to keep him
  • Prepare to meet up with your ex
  • Set expectations for the first meeting

80 Ways to Read a Man

  • Understand what he’s really saying
  • Use visual cues to know if he is sincere
  • Learn male body language by body area

The Ex (Back) Communicator

  • Learn the power of the memory reminder
  • Know how to text him in a powerful way
  • Manage the “other woman” situation
  • Prepare for your first meeting with him

Pennies in the Jar

  • Powerful tools for healthy relationships
  • Learn how build memories together
  • Affair-proof your relationship!

One More Thing…A Lesson Before You Go

If there is one thing you can do for yourself to get him back – ONE thing, it would be this…

Become a STRONG, CONFIDENTwoman!

Men cannot resist confident women. Your ex is no different! By using the materials in this course, you will become that confident woman! YOU will become the woman HE cannot resist!