Are YOU Putting Your Best Foot Forward?

Are YOU Putting Your Best Foot Forward?

Hi friends. It’s Kirbie today and I’m frustrated. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of wanting to lose the 10-12 pounds I need to lose. I got hot into exercise at the first of the year. Not because of a resolution – I don’t do those, but because my 3 adult daughters and I all wanted to challenge each other. Sadly, only one of us is still exercising and it ain’t me, unfortunately. I have a half-way good reason, but that’s not the point. Are you putting your best foot forward? I know I’m not! Last weekend, I discovered a jewel of a show called Fit to Fat to Fit. The idea of this show is genius really. They pair a personal trainer with someone who needs to lose weight. The trainer visits the client and explains how he (the trainer) will be gaining weight over the next four months so he can better understand the plight of the client. The trainers, some of them a tad arrogant toward their client, learn some valuable lessons, but I learned one or two as well. I’ve watched 3-4 episodes of the show now and what I have taken away from it will hopefully be the motivating factor I need to get moving again – after I recover from this darned bug. On Day 1 of their working out together, after the trainer has gained upward of 50-60 pounds, he puts the client through a pretty tough workout. This afternoon, I watched a woman who just was really hard to get motivated. At one point, the trainer asked her, “Are you going to give up? HUH? HUH? I know you can do this, but do YOU?” Her responses, which I don’t recall now, centered around denying her desire to give up. She was determined, although whiny. He pushed her way past what she perceived her limits to be. And here is where I come in. I know, I am certain, I do not push myself to my limits. I’ve had several surgeries on key joints over the last 10 or so years, and it does somewhat limit what I can do, but even still, I don’t push myself. I need to take some of those workouts I see on PopSugar, the ones I dismiss as “too difficult” and go for it with one of them. I need to stop looking for the workout that looks “do-able” and go for one which looks like there’s no way I can do it – then just kill it. Here is the difference. If I only choose a workout I can do now, what’s the challenge to my body? Sure, there is some, because I’m just that much overweight, but it won’t challenge me for long. It won’t force me to push myself. I’m 53 this May but that doesn’t mean I’m completely incapable of pushing myself physically. In another show, another phrase spoke to me. The trainer said “How many times have you said “I’ll start on Monday”? (when it’s Tuesday). That’s me. I don’t know if it’s the Type A who resides within me sometimes or what, but I do the same thing. For some reason, I put it off, using ‘timing’ as an excuse. So here’s the thing. I’m done making excuses! I’m done finding the workout that is ‘do-able’. I want the workout that’s not do-able. I want to push myself to a point past anything I’ve imagined. I want to be able to say I pushed myself as hard as I could and I did it! I can’t imagine how great that will feel! I challenge you to do the same. Maybe it’s not a weight loss or strength building workout. Maybe it’s a new job or career challenge. Maybe you can challenge yourself to face a fear. Find a way to push yourself beyond what you perceive your limits to be (but be safe, of course!). At the end of my journey, I’ll try to remember to share with you my “before and after” info. What’s your challenge? How will you be putting your best foot forward? Game on! If you’re really ready for a challenge, get ready for Gregg’s new book, Own Your Tomorrow: 14 Steps to Prepare for Love, due out on Amazon on February 21, and on sale for a limited time for just 99 cents! Sign up for Gregg’s newsletter at the top or bottom of this, or any page to stay informed!
Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

You’re here today because you have one goal – getting your ex boyfriend back. The relationship has ended and whose fault it is isn’t your biggest concern at this moment. Your big concern is how you will change so that when you’re successful in getting your ex boyfriend back, the relationship succeeds!

The truth is that your relationship ended because something was broken. Instead of crying and begging him to reconsider, take this time to make improvements in your life. If the two of you got back together right now, the result would be the same because neither of you has had time to change. It’s like making a batch of cookies and leaving out a key ingredient, like flour. After the batch fails and you remake it, again with no flour, what will happen? The recipe will fail again. Nothing changed.

You’re probably already tried the crying and begging, and perhaps angry texts. Are they working? Of course not, so why continue? He expects you to so when you stop, it will give him a moment of pause.

It may seem as if what you’re about to read is a lot of work and not worth your time, but it’s the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship. Once he discovers everything you’re up to, he will be intrigued and eventually, he will want to come back.

Because this issue is so big, I have an entire website dedicated to it. Each step below links you to the corresponding area of the website where you can find more in depth information. I’ve also brought in videos from Ex Back TV to explain each step for you.

Step One in Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The first step is to rein in your emotions. Right now, your mind and body are experiencing signs of grieving this breakup. Along with that, you’re an emotional mess, at least sometimes. When you’re too emotional, your rational mind has a tough time stepping in to help solve problems. 

In step one, you want to develop an understanding of the stages of grieving your breakup, how to become less emotional, how to effectively initiate the no contact rule in a way that works, which negative behaviors are ruining your chances of reconciliation, why he’s dating other women and how to react and the best way to alleviate your anxiety during this difficult time.

Step Two to Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back | Assess the Relationship

Once you’ve reined in your emotions, you can complete the second step of getting your ex boyfriend back, assess the relationship. During this step, you’ll discover several relationship dealbreakers. These are reasons for your breakup that describe extreme circumstances under which you should not attempt a reconciliation.

If your relationship passes those tests, you’ll review whether you can reconcile if one of you cheated, the number one cause of most breakups, which isn’t at all what you think it is and what he’s thinking right now, also not what you imagine.

Your time in step two also includes removing him from the pedestal he’s on in your eyes, learning how and why he lied to you about the breakup, getting honest with your feelings about him and the relationship, whether you miss him or having someone in your life, and if you have enough good memories to make reconciliation possible.

Finally, in step two to getting your ex boyfriend back, you will uncover whether he’s emotionally healthy enough and capable of love and you’ll develop an understanding of your role in the breakup.

Step Three to Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

By this time, you’re well on your way to getting your ex boyfriend back, but there’s one more step before you work on him directly. It’s time to rebuild your confidence. No doubt the breakup, and perhaps the relationship itself, caused your confidence to decline. It’s a natural outcome of this type of situation.

This is where you work on changing you, as you read previously in the article. If he’s a great guy, he was attracted to you, in part, because of your confidence, but life has a way of lowering confidence and often, you don’t even realize it.

Additionally, the act of assessing the relationship makes you feel a little down. This step allows you to recover your confidence and independence.

In Step Three to getting your ex boyfriend back, you’ll learn what it means to be an independent woman and why that’s so important to relationship success.

Watch the video below to uncover the other things you’ll learn.

Step Four | Toy With His Psyche

This is where things are fun for a change! You should be very proud of the work you’ve done so far! In Step Four of getting your ex boyfriend back, you learn ways to contact him and help him overcome any remaining negative feelings he may have about you or the relationship. It’s time to implement slip in/slip out, which is a method ofs slipping in to text your ex, reminding him of a great memory you shared, then slip back out of his life with more no contact.

Of course, step four assumes you still want your ex back. Many women determine their ex isn’t worthy of them by the time they complete step three. If you don’t want him back, your step four involves visiting the find a guy area of this website so you can look for a man who is deserving of a great woman like you!

Watch the video below to uncover the remainder of getting your ex back by toying with his psyche.

Step Five of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back | Plan to Meet Him

By now, your ex has hopefully reached out to you. Your efforts in step four helped him overcome any remaining negative feelings he had about you and the relationship. While you feel nervous about meeting him, you won’t by the time you complete step five!

While working through step five, you will understand more of what he’s thinking and how he will act during your meeting. If he hasn’t suggested meeting with you yet, you’ll learn how to get him to.

Your ex will try to test you and he may come into the meeting a bit skeptical. He’s heard about the new you, but he won’t believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. You can learn more about step five in the video below.

That’s a Wrap!

Getting your ex boyfriend backs seem like an impossible task, but it isn’t if you follow these five steps! That’s why there’s an entire website built around them! I’m sorry you feel lost and anxious right now, but take step one today and wipe those worries away!

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