Every Woman Needs a Good Story: What’s Your Story?

Every Woman Needs a Good Story: What’s Your Story?

Do you want to meet quality men? If so, you need a good story. What’s your story? Let me show you how to meet quality men by building a good story. Consider me to be any of the following people:
  • A man thinking about dating you
  • A boss considering you for a job
  • A friend you just met who wants to hang out with you
  • A family member (or a bank) considering lending you money
What do all these people have in common? They all want to know your story. If this story is interesting, unique and positive, they will grant you the action you desire. Hmm, you say? What do you tell them? What’s your story? Your story, the story you tell them, started years ago, maybe even decades ago. If that story is not positive, your story starts today! Women who get what they want out of life have a great story. This story doesn’t need to be about how you conquered the world or even how fast you ran a mile. When you tell a man your story, he is able to gauge your level of confidence. The role of confidence in dating cannot be ignored. What’s a good story? This high value woman, Meghan, has a story like this:
  • I’m busy all week long, yoga on Monday and Thursday, volleyball on Tuesday, and Friday out with the girls
  • I went to Paris last month, I had a great time seeing the sights…
  • My friends and I tried wind surfing, after 15 attempts I…
  • I went to the ICA Museum in Boston on Sunday, wow, who knew…
  • Three more weeks and I will have completed my bachelor’s degree in…
  • I put a hold on my gym membership and joined Crossfit!
See how busy Meghan is and interesting she must be? This is because she is constantly on the move – trying new things and saying no to any suggestion of a routine. Her life is rich with experiences. Will she fail at some of these things or not like them? Oh yeah! But that doesn’t stop her because she has the confidence to fail so she can succeed. Now, imagine what Meghan will be like when she goes on a date with a quality guy like Jack – a guy she met while wind surfing. She will be interesting because she has stories to tell. She will have opinions because she has experiences in many fields. She will be generally happy and positive because she lives life with reckless abandon! Jack? His jaw is on the ground. Not because of Meghan’s stunning looks, no – she is very average looking, but because she is so much fun to be with! Meghan wants to know all about Jack and he loves talking about himself (like all guys do.) She doesn’t talk much about herself and this makes her mysterious. Suddenly Jack wants to find out more about her and when he asks, he is amazed! Megan wraps up the date early because she has plans and this makes Jack’s jaw drop even more. Is a second date in the making? – You can bet your life on it if Jack has his way. So tell me, what’s your story?

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