Why Do Men Stare at Women and What are They Thinking?

Why Do Men Stare at Women and What are They Thinking?

Why Do Men Stare at Women?

A cute guy keeps staring at you while you’re on the train. Why do men stare at women? What is he thinking?

Either he wants to steal your money, phone and jewelry, or he likes you.

Let’s go with option #two because it’s more fun!

I wish I could say that when you catch a guy staring at you, he is analyzing the odds of compatibility by using an algorithm more complex than Googles.

But he’s not. Why do men stare at women?

They’re thinking short, unimpressive thoughts:

  • I really would like to f*** her
  • I wonder if she wants to f*** me? (I’m not always proud of my gender)
  • Those shoes can’t be comfortable
  • I really like her
  • Where am I headed in life?
  • Did I leave the coffee machine on? I need to get a machine that automatically shuts off so I don’t have to ask myself this every day
  • I should say something but it’s too late; she knows I’m staring at her and she’s getting creeped out
  • Wish I had my favorite shirt on; if I did I bet she’d check me out
why do men stare at women

Why Do Men Stare at Women?

Truthfully, men stare at women because we love to. We can’t help ourselves. We like guessing what you’re like in person and where you’re from by watching your mannerisms. Men stare more often than women realize.

That’s why men look away when their eyes meet, and then go back to staring.

Men stare more at a woman who stands out. Maybe she is wearing a bright, yellow scarf or maybe she walks differently. It’s just fun to watch.

Men are always looking at female butts. I like legs, so long-legged women attract me. Many of my friends are attracted to cleavage. Married men, it seems, like to stare at everything!

Men are also attracted to hair, long or beautiful, shiny hair. Some like purple hair too. According to science, men are attracted to red lipstick.

Most stares are harmless even if you’re in a relationship. Let him stare a little. If it’s blatantly obvious, he might be a jerk, but if he sneaks a peek here and there, don’t sweat it.

In fact, do the same. This will keep him on his game. Men love the competition and fighting for you! Then, you can both laugh at the fact that it’s healthy and okay to stare at attractive people.

When You Catch a Guy Staring at You, What Should You Do?

If he seems cool, is attractive, and you’re in a public area, glance back. Play a little game with him. When he stares, you stare, then look away and give a little smile. Your smile is his clue to come over and say something.

But he probably won’t. Guys need to be clubbed over the head to notice when a woman is trying to flirt, so be more aggressive.

Walk by and brush up against him by ‘accident.’

Say something! It’s okay to be the aggressor – it shows confidence around men. “You gonna’ finish that fruity drink or do I need to help you?” Then laugh at your bravado! He’ll love it.

Just make sure the guy isn’t just staring at your body. This means he just wants to have sex with you. You can usually tell; it’s more of a creepy stare.

If he’s staring at your face and your body, he’s most likely into you. That’s what men  do when they’re interested. We move our eyes up and down the female body.

Shy guys will act nervous if you catch them staring. They wish they could get up the nerve, but they can’t. My friend John is like this. He’s a great guy, but you need to approach him after you catch him staring at you.

The Bottom Line on Why Men Stare at Women

Bottom line, men stare at women all the time. It’s natural and harmless for the most part. We aren’t thinking deep thoughts; we’re just checking you out and thinking, ‘what if’?

It’s up to you to start the flirting process if you are interested in him or just want to have some fun flirting!

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