Starting a Text Conversation with a Guy

Starting a Text Conversation with a Guy

You just met a new guy, and you need some text conversation starters that won’t send him running.

“How are you?” just ain’t gonna fly.

A great text conversation with a guy begins when you first meet him. What is he in in to? Sixty-seven Mustangs? His German Shepard dog named Moe?

Maybe he is studying for a test he must take next week. These are the homerun texts that will get you responses. If you can’t remember squat, then secretly browse his social media pages.

You want to hit him with personal, pithy texts that only he could answer. Do this and he will want to answer even if he hasn’t been sold on your awesomeness yet. Remember, you probably just met so these texts need to keep him hooked.

Keep your texts short and fun. Ask some questions. Questions yield responses.

“Jim! This is Megan from Saturday night. You in the garage working on that blue ’67?”

“Hey, I’m walking my dog Larry – I think Moe and Larry would love to meet!”  

“Johnny! How the heck are you? How did your realtors test go on Monday?”

Notice I used his name. People love hearing their name so use it.


how to start a texting conversation with a guy


Confident Texts

These texts exude confidence. They show a man that you like him, but you only will like him as much as he likes you.

“Gregg! Hitting the gym after work, you up for joining me? I’ll teach you the right way to do crunches!”

This text has it all. It’s a question. It states his name. And it issues a challenge. Men love challenges and this one is a good one. This text also tells Gregg that you are going to the gym with or without him.

Notice what is not in this text. There are no ‘maybes’, or ‘if you have the time’ types of low confident words.

Starting a Text Conversation With a Guy: Timing Texts

Timing and spacing of your texts is critical too. Texting a guy you just met last night will sound a bit desperate if you text him later that night or first thing in the morning. Wait a day or two, but not three days.

Text him only as much as he texts you – actually, text him less. This keeps him chasing. Your goal is to get him off the phone and on a date, chit-chatting all day long on the phone.

Once he responds, delay an hour or so. This is a nice balance. Gone are the days of getting back days later. People won’t wait that long.

Obviously, there are exceptions. If he has tickets to a sports event that night, you need to respond quickly.

Never Double Text

If he doesn’t respond, then you are done. He needs to make the next move, or he is not interested. Repeating your text twenty minutes later will not get him to respond. You could try one more time two weeks later, but that is the last resort.


Why Is He Texting Me If He’s Not Interested

More Great Conversation Starting Texts

“You and I killed it at Sunday karaoke! Where did you get that voice?”

Compliment your guy on his singing passion while you include yourself. He combines his passion with you and BINGO…he is drawn to you.

“What do think of this sixty-three split window ‘vette?”

OK, you cheated on this text. You knew he is a car lover, so you did a little bit of studying and you sent a pic. Later, you can admit to this, and he will be just as impressed, but for now let the text ride!

“Jimbo! I was thinking about getting a dog, what breed would you recommend that won’t chew on my neighbors leg?”

Funny. Short. You gave him a fun nickname which only close friends normally do, and you asked a question. Very nice.

“Lare Bare! (His name is Larry) Come join my friends and me at Ricco’s tonight! They have a great band, and I would love to see your smiling face again.”

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life! That’s all I have so let’s get crazy and get a pepperoni pizza at five. You in?”

This text is just silly and dumb. Guys like silly and dumb. It tells him that you are a unique character, which you are! Grab another phrase and start your text with something that strikes you.

“I woke up, looked in the mirror and I looked fantastic! I can’t wait for tomorrow 😊 You around for dinner on Tuesday? My treat.”

Again, this is just silly. But it’s very confident and he will pickup on this. You’re calling yourself pretty – which you are and then you pivoted and asked him out in a cool, casual way. If it’s me, I’m scratching my head wondering who the heck is this woman and craving to get to dinner.

“Peter, this is Beth just checking in to see if you can repeat your incredible performance last night. If I don’t hear from you, I will take that as a no and I will look elsewhere for a boyfriend 😊”

This one is cocky but it’s great. He gets a compliment; you tease him about becoming your boyfriend, but you mellow it out with an emoji.

Conversation Starting Texts Summary

These text conversation starters are so powerful! I can go on forever with examples, but you get my point.

  • Think outside the box
  • Make your opener something that no one else would say
  • Risk it!

If this guy can’t laugh and jump in with his own funny response, lose his ass and move on! These texts become a test to see if he is worthy of you. If he can’t engage, you’ve saved yourself time and energy.

If you have read my stuff, I know you have multiple options of guys to date. Don’t let your text game be your weak link.

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