Should I Date a Guy Who is Broke?

Should I Date a Guy Who is Broke?

Dating a Poor Guy When You’re Not

Today I want to discuss a difficult topic: Should I date a guy who is broke? I recently got this question from Marge, who has met a guy she likes, but she’s concerned about his financials. “Gregg, he’s broke – Should I date a poor guy?”

My first response to dating a broke guy is an overwhelming no! When I provide relationship advice, through my book, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, I describe this type of guy as a wet kitten.

Men are providers – it’s in our DNA. Money is important to completing what I call The Conveyor Belt to Manhood. This is the maturing process that men need to go through so they can function at a high level and become a high-value man.

This type of man can love.

There are exceptions. If he is a young man, studying hard in college with a future in his field, then okay, I get it. He might also be in between jobs for reasons that are not in his control. I get that too.

Dating a poor guy

Should I date a guy who is broke?

But if this guy has no motivation and no prospects for a job then lose his furry ass! You can tell by his history and how he goes about his everyday life. A lazy free-loader can’t fake motivation for very long – he just can’t. And if your female intuition questions his “financial drive”, listen to her because she is right!

The Answer to “Should I Date a Guy Who is Broke?”

Look for these signs of a wet kitten:

  • He tends to watch a lot of TV and spends much of his time laying on the couch
  • Probably out of shape
  • He has blisters on his fingers that just happen to match up with the Xbox controller
  • His refrigerator (or his moms) is full of crap – no low fat yogurt in site
  • His apartment is usually trashed because he is too lazy to clean
  • He asks to borrow money in the first two weeks of knowing him
  • Date? Movie and pizza split Dutch treat – if you’re lucky
  • His couch seat imprint matches up directly to his butt
  • His credit cards are maxed
  • He hits the ATM every other day to withdraw ten bucks

Don’t waste your time dating a poor guy – You will regret it. If a guy works hard, you will find he works hard at other aspects in his life as well. He has to – it makes sense.

Financials are huge and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Life is tough enough without needing to support your 25- 35 year old boyfriend who hasn’t gone on an interview in four years.

Sure, he may counter this with a sexy blue eyes and a magical tongue but those things ain’t paying the rent or buying a Barbados vacation anytime soon!

“Should I date a guy who is broke?” I say no!

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