Your Journey of Self Discovery Starts HERE!

Your Journey of Self Discovery Starts HERE!

  To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself promises to help you dig deeper into yourself and uncover the behaviors that may have poisoned your past relationships. This book is different from my others – it’s not only confidence we are after this time, but a full understanding of yourself – stem to stern. When you finish with this book, you will have the tools in place to continue your journey of self discovery.

A Quick Story!

Let me share a story with you from one of my readers. As is the case with most of you, you reach out to me shortly after a breakup, panicky and ready to do anything to get your guy back. As you know, my advice to you is to cool your heels and spend some time on yourself. This was the case with Barbara, whose boyfriend asked for some “time off” from the relationship. Panicked and feeling dejected, Barbara contacted me after reading one of my books. We talked through her taking the advice in my books, step by step and, as time went by, she began to gain the strength to do the steps on her own! She stayed true to herself, and while she was tormented by his constant begging and promises, she stayed strong. This story probably sounds something like yours. “To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself” will take you deeper into your own actions and help you to begin surrounding yourself with the right people and life circumstances to attract the high-value man you deserve. The words and activities in this book will take your life to a new, confident level. Many of you have written that you feel you are confident, and perhaps you are, but then you go on to tell me that you are still attracting the same low-value men. That is where this book comes into play. It’s not just about confidence – it’s about the whole picture.

A Quick Question

You have a genie in a bottle. She will grant you one guy to spend the rest of your life with. Just one, no do-overs! What will this man be like? Tell me all about him! I can’t wait to read your comments!

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