9 Ways to Make a Killer First Impression on the First Date

9 Ways to Make a Killer First Impression on the First Date

These 9 Tips will Guarantee a Second Date!

The first date doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. With these 9 first date tips for women, you’ll totally crush it!

As a dating coach, I get a ton of questions about how to make a great first impression on a first date. The trick, of course, is mastering the art of confidence, something that I teach in all of my books.

However, if you have the confidence, and just need a little push in the right direction, these 9 first date tips for women will help out your dating game dramatically.

First Date Tips for Women Tip #1: Look Em’ In the Eyes!

First date tips

Look at him with those beautiful eyes!

Yes, it’s tough to maintain eye contact, especially when you’re the one talking. The more dates you go on, the easier this gets. My advice is to maintain almost 100% eye contact when he’s talking, no matter what.

You can look at his other facial features but come back to his eyes. Even if a waiter comes along, let him finish what he’s saying before shifting your focus and ordering.

I’m amazed at how many women won’t look at their date intently. If you’re looking at your phone or other people he can’t make the connection to you.

When you look at the facial features of a man while he talks, you are indirectly stroking his ego. That’s a good thing!

Tip #2: Keep the Skin to a Minimum

Wear a dress that shows off your body without showing a ton of skin. If you come to a date wearing a miniskirt that’s barely covering your butt, he’ll get distracted and probably think about sex the entire date.

Unless that’s what you want (meaning you don’t want the relationship to last very long) I’d stray away from showing off too much cleavage and leg.

Top Tip #1: Guys will be mentally undressing you throughout the date! This isn’t a creepy thing, it’s just how we are wired. We don’t need to see skin for this to happen – in fact it’s better without it.

Top Tip #2: On the second date, wear jeans if you wore a skirt or wear a skirt if you wore jeans on the first date. This will allow us to your wonderful curves in a new light.

First Date Tips For Women Tip #3: Make the First Date an Event, Not a Sit-Down Pow-Wow

how to have a successful first date with a man

How to have a successful first date with a man!

Go ahead and sit down for a few minutes to get acquainted. Then have a plan prepared in case he doesn’t. Grab some coffee and hit the park, visit a museum, do something that you share a common interest in.

Most first dates are sit-down affairs where you chat and wait for your food. You’re relying too much on guess-work conversation starters that may or may not keep the chat-momentum going.

By getting active, away from the sit down date, you start to see the more spontaneous side of each of you! I remember playing mini-golf with a date and we had a ball. There were no awkward moments because our attention was focused on the windmill.

We were both doing the worm on our backs and yelling “in your face!” when we won the hole. That was so much fun, she is my girlfriend today!

Tip #4: Avoid the Need to Show Off

We all want to show off our best side during a first date but there’s a fine line between looking interesting and trying too hard.

You may be a master snowboarder and you think that would score you some major points if you tell him, but don’t blurt it out unless you can either steer the conversation in that direction or he mentions something related to it.

how to act on a first date

Latch onto his passion!!

Instead, latch on to his passion! Ask him, “Jeff, I saw your surfing pics on FB, you any good?” Then, watch him light up with excitement because you noticed. Now he equates his love with surfing to you.

Need some topics for discussion? Here are 100 things to talk about with your future boyfriend!

First Date Tips For Women Tip #5: Never Tell All

When you tell your whole life story to someone on a first date, it takes away from the mystery of meeting a new person. Instead of focusing on generalities of your entire life, focus on the details of a few particular things.

If you’ve traveled the world and he asks you where you’ve been, don’t tick off a list of places, focus on one and describe it in detail.

good first dates

Get active so you see the spontaneous side of each other!

Be coy and tell him you’ve been to only a fraction of the places you want to go to, then ask him where he’s been.

Then, on later dates, you can surprise him every time you bring up a new place you’ve been to.

First Date Tip #6: Say Thank You

I know this one is obvious, but I’ve been on a lot of dates, and many women just don’t think to do this. If he opens the door for you, say thank you. If he picks you up, say thanks for picking me up.

At the end of the date, say thanks for dinner. It’s a simple thing that makes a huge difference!

There is another reason to say thank you. Men are very protective of their money in case you didn’t know. Therefore, we are always on the look out for the gold-digger. By saying thank you, you neutralize this concern dramatically by showing appreciation.

First Date Tips for Women Tip #7: No, Really, Turn Your Phone Off

Most advice columns tell you to avoid texting on the phone during a date, even if it’s a bad date. I’m saying go a step further and turn it off completely. No one needs you for an hour-and-a-half and you’ll be less tempted to sneak a peek at a text someone just shot you.

what to talk about on a first date

Shut your phone off!

Just do it. I guarantee that you will separate yourself from all other dates he might have had.

Tip #8: Keep Your Drama Far Away

He’s your first date, not your husband or your best friend. Keep negative comments and your own frustrations out of the conversation at all costs.

Stay positive. If you have to, air out your dirty laundry over the phone with a friend beforehand. You’ll be less likely to mention it in passing during the date.

If you start beating down your ex in front of me, I am turning on my phone – looking for my next date!

First Date Tip #9: Smile!

first date tips

Smiling often tells him that you are positive!

In a study done by the University of Columbia, women who smile are much more attractive to men than women who don’t. There you go, scientifically proven to help get a man to fall in love with you! Smile on your date and the guy will love you for it.

Smiling leads to laughing and laughing together makes for a memorable date! My (future) girlfriend and I were laughing our butts off playing mini-golf!

Final Thoughts:

Follow all nine of these first date tips for women and I guarantee you’ll make a good first impression. Great first date impressions can be game changers.

You’ll need to connect with a guy to make one, and that requires similar personalities, similar interests, and similar levels of confidence. Do this and your date is gonna’ like you!

Don’t get too caught up if a date doesn’t work out. One door might close, but another one will open.

Remember,  I’ve got some of the best dating books for women that will help you on that first date and beyond!

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