Your Prescription for Happiness

Your Prescription for Happiness

I am always writing about how to be happier in life, but often, unless something comes from your own heart, it isn’t as powerful as it could be. So how about this: you write your own prescription for happiness. I’ll get you started with an example, but you will need to snatch the pen out of my hand and work your own magic!

My Prescription for Happiness – by Ima Hapy Gurl

As my own personal doctor, I am prescribing myself the following treatment, starting tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. I am doing this because I’ve noticed a slide in my own happiness and confidence. I am complaining more, putting on a little weight and I have lost my energy. My brother’s health and current divorce might have triggered my own sadness so I am going to lead by example.

My personal prescription starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow:

  1. Post one large affirmation on my bathroom mirror that says, “I will be happy ALL day!” Repeat it all day long and let nothing take you down – nothing!
  2. Do one thing that I have never done before: bring my laptop to Starbucks and have my first mocha cappuccino ever. (I have never had one – honestly)
  3. I will work out hard and afterward, I will do 10 minutes of yoga to relax my mind.
  4. I will change my entire diet. Whole foods here I come! That means cleaning out my cupboards of all the crap! I’m allowed one crap day and that is on Sunday IF I stick to my new diet/work out this week.
  5. I will sign up at Meetup.com’s wine tasting event this Friday and see if I can connect with one new friend.
  6. I will drop off one case of cat food to my local shelter. No asking, no calling, just buy it and drop it off!
  7. I will go to the beach and throw some rocks. Not really sure why, I just think it will be fun having a moment with nature

Finally. I will look over my prescription at the end of the day tomorrow and it will lead me right back to being happy because of all the stuff I did! Next up, tomorrow’s list starting with my new affirmation!

And guess what Doc? I feel so much better already!

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