There’s a New Mouse in The House! Online Dating For Women Just Got Better

There’s a New Mouse in The House!

Online dating for women just got better! Hi Ladies, Gregg here, and I have a big announcement to make. Love is in the Mouse 2017: Find the Love of Your Life With The Click of The Mouse!  is now live! Get your copy for just the price of one cup of coffee HERE This online dating eBook is all new and concentrates on writing profiles.  In the beginning I give my version of the ultimate profile! Then I teach what to ask a guy and how to move things offline. Once again, Kirbie and I have created a free workbook to go with the book so you can work along with me, and we have created an eye opening online profile guide called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Here, you and I look at (and laugh) what not to write on your profile. Both free with the book. I took some time and signed in as a woman (I do have nice legs haha!) to view a few sites and WHOA, I could not believe what some women are writing! Men too. My previous Mouse book is still worthy of reading as it lays the groundwork to get you online dating successfully, so keep it as a reference. I also found a great review website that analyzes and ranks the different online dating sites. My friend Lexi contacted me over at Reviews.com.  New research suggests more than one third of marriages begin with online dating. Finding a potential partner has become much easier, but choosing the best online dating service hasn’t. Interacting on an ineffective dating site can start to feel like a full-time job that doesn’t ever payout. Because of this, Lexi’s team spent six weeks reviewing 68 online dating sites to find which algorithms actually work and which site was most likely to find you a compatible match. They found your top picks by analyzing web-traffic data, consulting with matchmakers and online dating experts, along with evaluating their user bases, functionality and quality. Even further, they personally tested them to find which ones resulted in the most meaningful interactions and which ones had an excessive amount of obnoxious messages. Hook-up sites were intentionally left out. With all of their research, they created a comprehensive guide to help daters find the best dating site for their specific needs (best overall, best for long-term relationships, best app and best niche dating sites). They also offer tips on how to maximize your online dating experience, by making it worthwhile and safer. The information is free and the tips are very helpful! The link is here. Oh, they also review everything else under the sun too – not just dating sites. So grab my new book, Love is in The Mouse 2017, for peanuts and then get over to Reviews.com and pick the best site for you! Copping a new attitude 🙂 Gregg
The Top 9 Reasons to Try Online Dating

The Top 9 Reasons to Try Online Dating

Are you having trouble finding a good match? Do you want multiple men lined up at your door, just to have a chance to meet you? Would you like to pick out the perfect guy for you from a gigantic pool of men? Then maybe it’s time to try online dating! Anna here. And no, I haven’t lost my mind. If the thought of online dating makes you shudder, think again.

Learn my latest online dating secrets HERE!

According to statisticbrain.com, 49,250,000 single people in the US have dipped their toes in the online dating pool this year. That’s a big pool. And more than half of them are men! According to Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s top dating coach and best selling author, it’s “the way of the world.” So keep an open mind, and keep reading to learn more.

Love is in The Mouse

Maybe you have tried online dating before, or maybe you never even considered it. Regardless of your single situation, they key to successful online dating is knowing the RIGHT WAY to do it. In Gregg’s first online dating book, Love is in The Mouse, he covers everything you need to know — your profile, pics, screening out the losers, being safe, and actually going on a date with someone you met online. It’s like having the ultimate Wingman! Click the link above or the cover to buy your copy now.

The 9 Advantages of Online Dating

Chances are you know at least one person married to or in a committed relationship with someone they met online. Honestly, I can name quite a few! But if that’s not enough, and you still need convincing, here are the top nine reasons to try online dating.

  1. On many sites, men outnumber women by four to one. That’s why some sites are FREE to women.
  1. Online dating gives you options and the power to date multiple men. You can easily fill your bucket with as many fish as you want. If he is wrong for you, toss him back in the pool. If he’s a great catch — keep him!
  1. With online dating you can experiment and meet different types of men than those you normally gravitate towards. You may surprise yourself, and fall for someone you would not have considered before, but someone perfect for you.
  1. Get a boost in confidence by having multiple options, and multiple men telling you how awesome you are! And if one guy happens to not take interest, it’s no biggie. You have backups waiting in the wings.
  1. It’s just a date. One of many. Both of you know you are just testing the waters with each other, so there’s no pressure (and no settling out of desperation).
  1. With online dating you can learn what attracts you and what you really value in a man. You will also learn what turns you off, and what you don’t want in a man. If your date turns out to be a jerk, you can excuse yourself, and block him from contacting you again.
  1. Online dating keeps you busy, and at the least, you get to go out and have a good meal. And if it’s not a love match, you might still make a new friend.
  2. Guys crave a challenge. With online dating, you become instantly more attractive and desirable because men know they have to compete to win your heart (think The Bachelorette). You become the bait!
  1. When men compete, they are forced to step up their game. Need I say more?

Now that you’re in the know, why not give online dating a try? After all, there’s nothing to lose if it doesn’t work out — and a lot to gain if it does!

In his second book on online dating, Gregg hits it again with even more tips on profiles. This book helps you know when you’ve snagged a catfish (a guy with less than honorable intentions), it helps you write a great profile with free bonus material, and it helps you navigate getting the relationship offline and the first meeting. Click here or click the cover to buy your copy today!

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Dating

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Dating

Online Dating 101 for Women

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve met who found their perfect match online, I could buy myself a cute pair of Jimmy Choo sling-back pumps, and I wouldn’t be the only one with a new pair of shoes.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, online dating is more popular now than ever before.

A whopping 41% of American adults say they know someone who uses online dating, while 29% know someone who has married or entered a long-term relationship with someone they met online.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the people who use online dating sites in the US are well educated and fairly affluent.

Face it, online dating works, and there is proven research to back it up.  It’s a great tool for meeting new people, and there really is no reason to shy away from this proven method of dating.

Think of it this way, while there are just a handful of potential boyfriends at any given bar or bookstore coffee shop, there are endless possibilities in the cyber dating world.

You can have your pick of men online, and you can bet your confidence will sky rocket when you see just how many guys are into you!

Sounds wonderful, right? But, it still doesn’t change the fact that online dating can be scary and intimidating, especially for the beginner. Knowledge is power, and this helpful Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating can equip you with the information you need to get started on this modern path to love.

Online Dating 101 – Profile

There are many online dating sites to choose from, and it’s up to you to determine which one is the best fit for you. Once you do, it’s time to set up your profile. You want to put your best foot forward, but you may not have a clue how. Here are seven helpful tips and smart rules to follow.

  1. The Photo Dilemma: Sorry ladies, that selfie of you with the giant eyes and pouty duck lips (that got so many likes on Facebook) is not going to cut it. Try to avoid crazy angles that distort your features. Yes, you want a photo that makes you feel beautiful, but if he can’t recognize you when you finally meet, it’s false advertising. Instead, choose a great photo of yourself that actually looks like you, and showcases your awesome personality.
  1. TMI (Too Much Information!): Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Write what you would feel comfortable sharing with a guy you just met at a bar. You wouldn’t empty the contents of your purse on the bar top, so don’t do it online. Give a little something to pique his interest without over sharing. Guys like a little mystery, and besides, you still have no idea what kind of guy he is, so why should he know all about you?
  1. Good To Know: With that said, there is certain information you may want to mention in your profile, like favorite movies, bands, and books, or your interests and hobbies. After all, you want to meet someone you are compatible with, and having these things in common will give you something interesting to talk about on your first date. Write about things you would want your ideal date to respond to.
  1. Keep Your Options Open: You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” It’s been around for a long time, but it is still good advice today. When it comes to online dating, you can’t pin all your future hopes and dreams on one person you’ve just met. He may seem like the perfect guy right from the start, but things don’t always work out in the end. It’s best to line up a few dates and narrow the field as things progress.
  1. Let It Go: If you find yourself just not feeling it, don’t be afraid to walk away. After a few emails back and forth, you should feel some sort of connection. He may be a really nice guy, but if he’s not for you, it’s OK to bow out and stop corresponding with him. You may even find yourself needing a break from dating altogether, and that’s fine too. Sometimes a few weeks are all you need to come back refreshed and ready to try again. Yes, there are duds out there, but there are extraordinary men as well. So do what you need to do, but don’t get discouraged.
  1. Meet Cute (and Safe!): If you do find someone you really hit it off with online, there will come a time to meet face to face. This prospect can be both exciting, and horrifying! He may be a wonderful man, but you need to be safe. Always meet in a public place! This cannot be stressed enough. If he really is the wonderful man you think he is, he will understand.
  1. Hello, Goodbye: If the date just isn’t what you expected, don’t be afraid to call it short. Maybe the sparks you had online just aren’t there in person, or maybe you really just aren’t a good match. And that’s okay. Not every guy you meet is going to be your soul mate. But remember, it only takes ONE. Online dating does work, but it is a process — so be patient.

Is Mr. Right out there, floating on a cloud somewhere, just waiting for you to come along? You’ll never know if you don’t give online dating a try!

Taking Personal Responsibility to Find Love in 2016!

Taking Personal Responsibility to Find Love in 2016!

Big things are in store for me and you in 2016. I hope you are as excited as I am about this new year! Are you? You’re not??? Why not? Ohhh, I know, you haven’t found a high value man yet. Why not? Nevermind, the reason doesn’t matter. That’s in the past. Today is the day I challenge you to join me in taking personal responsibility for the future. Are you ready? First, let me share what I did for you – I wrapped my truck! Can you believe it? I must be the only dating coach brave enough (or stupid enough according to my guy friends) to drive around advertising my man-taming abilities to women! I digress…enough of nice-guy Gregg – I’m going to get tough now! You need to make a decision. Do you want to find love or don’t you? You have all the tools. I have twelve of the best books on the market covering almost everything you need to know. I hear all kinds of excuses from women who say they can’t take the steps in my books:
  • “Gregg, it’s hard.”
  • “I don’t have the time.”
  • “ Online dating sucks, they are all creeps.”
  • “ I’m overweight so I never get chosen.”
Excuses! I have a close friend who can’t lose weight. I usually stay out of Gregg the life coach mode, with my close friends unless they ask, but I stepped in the poo last week. We’ll call my friend Peter. Peter is 40 pounds overweight and complains daily about how the gym sucks. He tried another gym and he said the same thing to me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I said, “Peter, it’s not the gyms – it’s you. The gym is just a big space with weights and machines which just sit there. They have no personality. You need to do something with them. The refrigerator is very similar – a machine that you need to stock with foods which will keep you thin – but you need to stock it with food which will actually keep you thin!” Yeah, I pissed him off – wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. But do you understand my message? I am holding you accountable this year! I am asking you to take personal responsibility for your life! I want you to find love, but you need to give it more than just a half-ass effort.

Online dating doesn’t suck if you know what you are doing

  • Are you screening multiple guys as I describe in Love is in The Mouse?
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Are you rotating your pics and visiting the site every day so you stay at the top?
  • Are you casting your net wide?
  • Are you presenting your best side, both with your profile and your pics?
  • Did you take my confidence course before you started dating?
If you are doing these things for real then you are tossing out the losers, the couch potatoes and the users! If you are committing to yourself and absorbing my information, then you are having success – you have no choice. The quality guys are there, but they need to see you. You need to rise above the others.

Choosing Mr. Right

One of the biggest issues I’m seeing over and over is women are picking and hanging onto the wrong guy! STOP IT! As a single woman who follows my advice, you are surrounding yourself with several men. This helps you avoid falling into a dangerous trap. When you only date one guy at a time, you can immediately latch onto him, thinking he should return the favor. The problem is, he shouldn’t, and why would he anyway? You don’t know enough about him or vice versa. You don’t know if he is emotionally available, dating and totally getting into someone else, or what’s going on in his life which may make him a wet kitten – all things which make him a wrong guy for you. When a guy isn’t right for you, don’t take it personally, be glad you found out before too much time has passed. Timing is everything. This same thing applies to ex-boyfriends and husbands. If he won’t deal with his alcoholism, hasn’t supported himself for the last 12 years, and/or isn’t divorced yet, lose him! I don’t care if his penis is twelve feet long, you need to lose him and find the man who is right for you.

Today is the Day for Taking Personal Responsibility

I say these things because I care for you. We need to step up – all of us! This includes me, in fact let’s make a promise to each other to try harder in 2016.  I am setting new goals and I am going to be there for more of you, more often, with the advice and the motivation you need, but you need to do your part. You need to absorb this information and apply it! Deal? Awesome! Hopefully, I am helping you today or maybe, like my friend, Peter, I am pissing you off – that’s your decision to make but my heart is in the right place. Gregg…your Drill Sergeant. P.S. If you see me in my truck, shown here, in the Boston area, give a shout out and say “Hi!” This has been a huge success! Now, when I walk out of the mall, I have people who want to speak to me!
5 Things Guys “Forget” to Mention in an Online Dating Profile

5 Things Guys “Forget” to Mention in an Online Dating Profile

Whether you think these omissions are intentional or not, there are certain things guys forget to mention in an online profile. I recently stumbled across a Cornell University poll on online dating. One of the biggest numbers that jumped out at me was 80% – the number of online daters who say they have lied on at least one dating website. These lies vary from shaving off a few pounds to completely falsifying their age. Let’s take a few moments to go over the most common fibs you’re likely to see. Some are mildly harmless, while others are definitely cause to forget the dude altogether.

Profile Lie #1: He weighs a few more pounds than he says he does…

A guy is as likely to lie about his weight as a woman is, but probably not in a way that would cause you to notice if you met him. He will put a flattering picture of himself on his profile that is a few years old – you know, before he packed on those additional pounds. My advice is if you meet him for lunch and he’s a serious 25-30+ pounds over what he claimed, then you may want to avoid that second date. That’s a whale of a fib and he’s probably got more up his sleeve.

Profile Lie #2: He’s traveled less than he says he has

Sorry, but airport layovers don’t count as travel destinations. All the same, it is not stopping your new friend across the table from saying he’s been to half the states in the continental U.S.

Profile Lie #3: He’s probably lying about his job

Guys always feel they have a lot to prove when it comes to their jobs and income. In fact, he’s as genuinely concerned about his job as he is about his appearance. Chances are he’ll add in an important-sounding title, something like “Co-Director of Marketing,” when in fact he’s working an entry level gig for 30 G’s a year. And unfortunately, unlike his weight, you can’t tell on a first date whether his profile is telling the truth or not.

Profile Lie #4: He may not be looking for a committed relationship

Alternatively, he may be more interested in a relationship than he claims. It’s very difficult to tell right away what a guy’s true intentions are, especially after just one date. Luckily, with the advent of a huge number of specialized dating websites, this isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be. If a guy wants a friend with benefits, he’ll hit up AshleyMadison.com. If he’s looking for long term, he’ll probably jump on eHarmony. My suggestion is that you trust what the guy says on his profile page unless he does something to convince you otherwise.

Profile Lie #5: He will claim he’s younger (or older) than he really is

This lie happens quite a bit, and again, it can vary from a couple of years to a decade. Some guys age well and you’d never notice the difference. Other times you’ll be expecting a 25-something and get an obvious 40-something. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you walked out right there in that case. But if you’re looking for something casual and he looks about the age that he claims he is, then you shouldn’t worry!

Final Thoughts

Back to that Cornell University poll I mentioned earlier. Chances are 8 out of every 10 profiles you visit will have lies on them. But that shouldn’t deter you from online dating. Men, just like women, want to put their best foot forward on their profile page. If magically “losing” 10 pounds and “gaining” an inch or two of height is what he thinks it takes to pick up a great girl, then, well, let’s just say it’s not as bad as lying about a murder conviction or his stint at the state penitentiary. cta
Online Dating Site Review: OKCupid

Online Dating Site Review: OKCupid

Since Gregg is busy writing his new book and working his magic with us females, he has asked me to help out with the blogging – sort of a “from a woman’s point of view” type of thing. I thought I’d start out with some reviews of online dating sites, and the first is OKCupid.

What I Like

Even though OKCupid doesn’t rank in any of the “Top 10” lists I could find, it’s by far my favorite. Like you, I’ve tried a few in my singles time (nearly 20 years), but this one allows you to interact for free! Yes, you read that right – free. You can send and receive emails for free. Aside from that, OKCupid offers you the ability to answer hundreds of questions that vary in type from whether or not you’d Google someone before you go out with them to whether or not you prefer pain with your sex. You have the option to answer or skip any question. You also rank each question by importance. Upon answering a couple dozen questions, they begin to analyze your personality. This becomes available to anyone who views your profile, so I suggest answering honestly. You have the ability to offer a comment with your response. I find this helpful if I don’t like the response choices – you can kind of clarify yourself. When you are answering the questions, you also can select the responses which are acceptable to you. Here you can select more than one or all possible responses. OKCupid uses this to help formulate matches. If someone shows interest in you, they click a “star” under your name. The only way to see who is interested in you is to pay to be on the site, but if they are interested enough, they will send you a message. If you have a mutual interest in someone, you can view those questions. I find this tremendously helpful in understanding someone better. If you’re following Gregg’s advice and not offering up sex on the first date, you have the possibility to see how long a guy is willing to wait before they expect sex. There are several questions that will point you to this information. I have eliminated more than one guy because he thinks sex on the first date is okay.

What I Don’t Like

I don’t like not being able to see who’s interested in me, however, I get by. I have been a paid user of the site and the results I’ve had do not differ when I’m paying or not paying. I also don’t like that while I can choose more than one acceptable response from the man, I can only choose one myself. There are times where I would definitely choose two responses. This is where that comment field comes in handy, and based on what I understand about databases, I’m guessing that the comment area is their response to that problem. Another pitfall of OKCupid is that they have a strong tendency to give you matches that are well outside of your regional preferences. I suspect this is because there are sometimes not enough users in my region, but I’d rather they tell me they ran out than to take up my time with men from Michigan, Kentucky or Indiana (I live in Ohio). Even flipping through these in the browsing screen tells someone that you have “Viewed” them, then, of course their curiosity is piqued and they view you. For me, it just clogs up my system with stuff that doesn’t matter. It’s easy enough to get rid of them, I guess I’m just lazy.

Site Information

URL: https://www.okcupid.com Cost to Join the “A-List”: [wc_row][wc_column size=”one-third” position=”first”] $7.95/Month – 6 Month Package [/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-third”] $11.95/Month – 3 Month Package [/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-third” position=”last”] $15.95 for Monthly [/wc_column][/wc_row]

Final Thoughts

It is important to surf any of these dating sites with both eyes wide open. There are PLENTY of scammers out there and you have to be aware of the signs. On other dating sites, I have had numerous men send me ‘instant messages’ with basically the same script – “hey I’m currently in {insert foreign country here}. From there, they are either soon to get out of the military OR they are antique shopping for their business here in the states. Never ever give someone your phone number immediately. If someone is truly interested in you, they will patiently build a little bit of trust with you before they ask you for such information. Also, don’t immediately go to your personal email. In fact, I set up a gmail account JUST for dating sites – this email does not have any of my personal information attached to it. Perhaps I’m a bit paranoid, but better safe than sorry. A man worth having will be respectful and patient. He will not push you into a place you’re not ready to be in. Having said that, don’t expect to string a guy along for weeks on end using the dating site email system. If you’re on a dating site, they assume you’re there to eventually go on a date. At some point, when you have built up enough confidence that they’re not a wet kitten, you can agree to meet them. Meet a man in a public place, NOT a park or, heaven forbid, your home. Your safety is of the utmost importance and a quality man will not even hesitate to agree to this date criteria. For other tips on first dates, read Gregg’s post, Want to Make Your First Dates Better? Try These Tips. One last thought – trust your gut. It took me a long time to learn this, but it works. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

Have you tried OKCupid? What was your experience?

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