Christmas Gift Ideas for Your New Boyfriend – and They’re Guaranteed NOT to Creep Him Out

Yes, you should get him something, and no, it doesn’t have to be weird. Here are a few gifts to get your new boyfriend –  and any guy would love to get them from his new GF. You started dating this guy in what…October? November? And you like him so much that you’ve definitely got to get him something. But you walk a fine line, and if you get him something too nice, or way nicer than what he got you…well, that’s just awkward. Lucky for you, you read this blog. And I’ve got some great ideas that your new boyfriend will love (without making you seem too head-over-heels crazy for him).

Make it a Gift You can Share Together

You’ve shared a month or two together and I’m assuming you’ve figured out you have a few common interests. So go with a gift you can both enjoy as a couple. Get a season 1 dvd of the show you’ve both been talking about. Or a gift card to a restaurant you’ve both been talking about going to. It’s okay to make it about you as a couple as long as it’s a simple, from-the-heart gift.

Bake It

This is one of my favorites because it’s simple, affordable, personal, and yes, cute. A guy will eat this stuff up (literally).  Get some heart-shaped cookie cutters, or any other pattern really, and get to work. You can spruce it up by buying a basket and putting the cookies in there along with a card. Trust me, this gift idea rocks.

A Unique Adult Beverage

I’m not talking about Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker Red…or a 30 pack of Bud Light. You’ll want something that piques his interest without being too expensive. Nothing over the $60 range. If you’re not sure, buy something that sounds interesting, like Hebrew, the Chosen Beer.  Anything with “Reserve” on it should work for hard alcohol. You could also get him a taster. Jameson, Glenfiddich, and Macallan have sets with small bottles featuring their whiskeys aged by a certain number of years.

Something for His Car

If he loves his car, he’ll probably love a gift for it. Those WeatherTech FloorLiners are probably on the edge in terms of how much you should spend on a new boyfriend, but there are cheaper ones around also. If he loses his keys a lot, get him a key finder. Does he have leather upholstery? He might like a leather care kit.

A New Case for His Phone

No, this doesn’t have to be a boring gift. There are some insanely cool cases that are guaranteed to be a huge hit with your new man. If you want to get some awesome case ideas, check out this Pinterest page.

Something YOU Wear

I don’t care if this is cliché, your guy will love it. When you’re exchanging gifts, just tell him that you’re wearing his. He’ll get the idea.

Final Thoughts

Just remember a few cardinal rules
  • Keep the price reasonable
  • Make it fun nothing generic like a tie
  • KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)
Follow these guidelines and I promise you’ll buy him something that he’ll love, without dragging any awkwardness into the holidays.

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