Quickie Workouts for Women at Home

Quickie Workouts for Women at Home

Hi, Tiffany here to talk with you about some recent statistics I discovered. Did you know the #1 New Years Resolution is to lose weight? This is closely followed by goals like getting organized, enjoying life to the fullest, and falling in love. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Especially after learning the average person gains anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds over the holidays. Why? Because with an abundance of joy that comes with the season there is also:

  • An abundance of stress
  • An abundance parties
  • An abundance of really yummy food

What can you do if you want to shed those extra holiday pounds? It’s a bit cold outside to go for a run or ride a bike. Of course, you could always bundle up, but all those bulky layers can really slow you down. Besides, you are probably SUPER busy now that the New Year has begun. I know I am! Is it even possible to sneak in a workout during what little down time you have?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few effective workouts for women at home. All of them are simple and painless, and a few may be even fun! Best of all, they each can be done 10 minutes or less. Since experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, strive for 3 or 4 mini workouts spaced throughout the day, or go for the long haul and do a few consecutively in the morning or in the evening after work. It’s true, you don’t have to devote hours at the gym to see results!

Best Workouts For Women at Home

  • com offers the 10-Minute-Trainer, a total body workout that activates all your muscles groups in just one move — perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. But be prepared to sweat! This workout focuses on your upper body, lower body, and your core, plus cardio, all at the same time. FYI, did you know that best selling author and relationship coach Gregg Michaelsen is also a Team Beachbody coach?
  • If you have a garage or enough space at home, jumping rope is an awesome workout which increases your heart rate and tones your whole body, plus it can really make you feel like a kid again! Skip yourself slim with the 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout from Fitness Magazine, including the basics to get you started. This workout burns 135 calories fast, and sculpts your shoulders, chest, arms and legs.
  • Speaking of feeling like a kid again, a mini trampoline takes up very little space, and some can even be folded in half and stored away when not in use. This low stress, high impact workout lets you burn calories the fun way, right in the comfort of your own living room. Some mini trampoline manufacturers like Urban Rebounder even provide their own workout videos.
  • Of course, you don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout at home. Simple exercises like push-ups, planks and sit-ups use your own bodyweight as resistance training, and can easily be done on the floor while you watch TV at night. Streaming workouts like The Daily Burn let you watch workout videos on your computer, tablet, TV, or smartphone.

Of course, it’s always more fun to workout with a friend, or boyfriend. Exercising together keeps you motivated and makes things more fun. Of course, sex is also a great way to sneak in some extra cardio! According to Women’s Health Magazine, sex burns anywhere from 85 to 250 calories, depending on how long you spend in the sack. Plus you can also tone your back, butt, abs, and thighs by working up a sweat with your man.

Regardless of what you choose, pick something which matches your physical and time limitations and go for it! Putting it off until there is a good time to exercise means you’ll be stepping on the scale to even bigger numbers – and more weight to lose than you have right now.

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