7 Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You (and Will Deny if You Ask)

7 Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You (and Will Deny if You Ask)

Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You

There are always things that both men and women are hesitant to share with their partners, things that they know will bite them in the butt if they share. There are definitely things your boyfriend won’t tell you, and while this isn’t a comprehensive list, it does hit the highlights.

Your job is not to do anything silly—like confront him on these on your next date night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You | Secret #1: He WILL lie about your cooking

You may think you’re an awesome cook, but that meatloaf of yours…yeah, he’d rather go to Burger King. I wouldn’t look too deep into this. If he says he likes it the first time, don’t ask him ten more times.

You’ll get the same answer and you’ll both be grumpy about it.  Give him a couple of options, and if you notice he never wants one of those options, chop it out of your dinner rotation. Problem solved.

Secret #2: He’s not going to stop watching porn (no matter how nicely you ask)

But you knew this…or at least I hope you did. Your guy loves having sex with you, but he also loves watching sex from time to time (too much, he may have a problem.)

The more you ridicule him into thinking it’s wrong, the more likely he’ll resent you. Besides, this isn’t about you. I’m sure you’re fantastic in bed. But no matter how crazy the sex, a guy is going to feel the need to get off without you from time to time.

Secret #3: He’ll never tell you that you look fat—EVER

You could be wearing a moo-moo and closing in on 400 pounds, he doesn’t dare say it, not ever. He knows that the minute he says something, you’ll go through your entire wardrobe before you two can leave the house.

things your boyfriend won't tell you

You are not fat!

On top of that, you’ll force him to watch as you try on everything you own. If he really thinks you look better in something and says so, you probably won’t believe him – and he knows it.

Secret #4: He doesn’t feel like chit chat after sex

I think a lot of you read this and know about it, but it still doesn’t stop you from getting angry when your guy falls asleep in the middle of one of your monologues. Sorry, but our brains shut down.

We want to play a video game or turn on Netflix but the last thing we feel like doing is chatting. Don’t blame us. Blame biology.

Secret #5: Steamy sex dreams (that don’t involve you) aren’t leaving the confines of his head


things your boyfriend won't tell you

She’s just a dream!

He’ll never mention it…ever, especially if it has to do with an ex. Sex with other partners in a dream says nothing about his own desire for you so you shouldn’t feel threatened by it. He’s not going to call his ex up just because he had a dream about her.

Secret #6: He’ll hide the fact that he doesn’t feel like having sex with you (at the moment)

It’s easy for girls to tell their guys to bugger off if they don’t want sex. That’s pretty normal in a standard relationship. Society, however, doesn’t apply that same logic to men denying women sex.

Your guy is so nervous about saying something that he’ll probably just run with it anyway—regardless of whether he’s stressed out, tired, annoyed with you, or a whole slew of other things.

Secret #7: Yes, he’s looking at other women – and enjoying it

He’s sneaky about it, too. For every time you’ve caught him looking at another girl, he’s done it another 10 times without you noticing. When he’s hanging out with friends, it’s even worse.

Can we agree that there are other pretty women out there? He’s not going to have sex with them (if you are a catch – and you are) so don’t sweat it. And the more you get on his case about it, the more he’ll just feel nervous around you. Trust your man and understand that it’s nothing personal.

Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You Final Thoughts

If you’re in a great relationship, none of these little secrets are important. He still loves you and wants to do what’s best for the relationship. I would strongly suggest you not bring these up, even if you have in the past. Give your dude some space. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it.

7 things your boyfriend won't tell you

What questions have you asked that you maybe shouldn’t have?

Things Women Do That Drive Men C-R-A-Z-Y!

Things Women Do That Drive Men C-R-A-Z-Y!

We focus a lot on what men do that drive you crazy. Today we are focusing on things women do that drive men crazy! I get it. We drive you nuts. But, I have to say that there are also things that we men wish you would understand about how we’re wired. I put together a little (okay not so little) list of things women do that drive men crazy. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Things Women Do that Drive Men Crazy

You act coy

Women have this one nailed. You seem to want us to guess whether or not you like us and want to keep going out. Well, first of all, we graduated high school a while ago, so we’re not going to go ask Don to go talk to Linda to see if you told her that you liked us. Just tell us, we can take it, and we’d rather know that you’re not interested up front or not so we can move on. If we like you, we show you.

You always want to know what we’re thinking

It’s like you have a crystal ball! And, I’ll admit, most of the time you are right. Come on, you know you’ve asked your guy this “What are you thinking?” – Probably even after sex or some romantic movie or some equally high emotion moment. I’ll save you the mystery – we’re gonna say “nothing”, and we’re probably going to mean it. Spend more time watching our actions – sometimes we just aren’t really thinking anything, but when we do something that pleases you, we are showing you that we care.
things women do that drive men crazy

I swear you guys own a crystal ball!

Let us have “me” time

Before we met you, we had hobbies. We golfed, hunted, played soccer, or had a wood shop that we loved to retreat to, but once we started dating you, we had to stop doing those things that make us who we are. Let us keep playing golf, go hunting with our buddies, or whatever other hobbies we have and we will be better able to give you the time and attention you want.

You have double standards

This goes along with the next one (You see us as projects). You know the drill – we’re going to go out on a date, we ask you what you want to do, and you say…..come on, you know what you say! “I don’t care, you pick.” So, after some verbal wrangling, we finally pick the latest sci-fi movie. Later, you make it clear that you didn’t enjoy one moment of that movie and you didn’t want to see it. THEN TELL US BEFORE WE GO! If you ask us to pick, then you should be happy with the result. If you really wanted to pick the movie all along, then say so. We can sit through another Brad Pitt movie if it makes you happy.

You see us as projects that need fixing – “if he could only…”

things women do that drive men crazy

I know I need fixing but please!

I know you don’t believe this, but we got along quite nicely before you came along. We’re not perfect, but we’ve settled into our imperfections and we get by. We probably even know what those imperfections are. If we want to change, we will, and we might, if we see that there is a good reason. You forcing us to do so will create resentment, and we will probably slingshot right back into our old, comfortable habits anyway.

We aren’t men out of a hot steamy romance novel

We are not that hot hunk with an airbrushed six-pack set of abs on the cover of the latest romance novel. We don’t know just how to please you or when to say the right things and we will probably struggle to remember your birthday. Let us be real men with our own romantic gestures. We’ve got ‘em!

Stay focused more in the here and now

Men don’t like to focus too far into the future, but women are always looking at the next landmark – getting engaged, getting married, etc. Enjoy the here and now with us and the future will take care of itself.

Keep your emotions in check

I pissed you off…again

We get derailed by tears – if we continue to try to push our side, we’re being a bully, if we cave in to the emotions, we are being weak. If we need to talk to you about something, we need you to stay with the conversation and not manipulate us with tears.

Be a little less critical

For some reason, women tend to be critical creatures, while men tend to want to watch sports and basically be left alone. If you want to criticize, call your girlfriends and have at it, but we’re just not interested.

We like to hear compliments too

things women do that drive men crazy

You didn’t f***k up this time. Nice Job!

“Honey, that suit makes you look very professional” or “boy I love those jeans on you” goes a long way with us, just like it does with you. We like to hear compliments, and we aren’t always so sure of ourselves, just like you. Don’t forget to let us know you think we’re hot.

We are brutally honest when we care

We’re not going to blow smoke up your skirt unless we really don’t give a hoot. If we’re being painfully honest, we really do care about you and want to talk about it. You might not like our directness, but that’s how we’re wired. Please keep in mind to keep your emotions in check from above too!

We like you because you’re women

We like that you smell nice and like to look pretty. Don’t let the feminist movement take all of the female out of you. Sure, if we’re out on a hike or taking a bike ride, we don’t expect you to be all frilly and prim, but don’t be afraid to smell and look like a woman sometimes too!

Take charge in the bedroom

We really want to please you, but we’re not likely to ask how, so you have to tell us…we’re waiting for you to guide us. It doesn’t matter how old we are, each woman is different and what has worked before might drive you crazy, and we might be leaving out something that you really, really like. TELL US!

Give us credit when we deserve it

You women tend to hang onto every little mistake we make and forget to acknowledge the big things we do – after all, we fixed your washing machine last weekend, was not putting the lid on the toothpaste that big of a deal?

Well? What say you about things women do that drive men crazy?

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