My Funny Story About Reaching a Goal

My Funny Story About Reaching a Goal

Reaching a goal can be motivated by the funniest things! My story begins with an email from a woman who has been checking out my website.

“Why should I listen to you about setting goals and working out? You’re fat and ugly!” We’ll call this woman Jill. 

I don’t think she had read any of my books. But she seemed compelled to write me and tell me I was fat. I contacted her back after my assistant Kirbie warned me not to. I understood her deeper problem. When someone is that ugly to you, they don’t feel very good about themselves.

I couldn’t help but write back, despite the warning. I’m not thin or fat but am in excellent shape from doing P90X. In my reply, I said I couldn’t do anything about my looks, but I could prove that I was in very good shape. I told her I’d send her a video of me doing 25 chin-ups, followed by 50 pushups. That’s not easy for a 50+-year-old guy! That’s not easy for an 18-year-old guy!

To Jill’s credit, she emailed me back saying that I was brave to email her, but just because I could do those exercises didn’t mean I wasn’t still fat. She didn’t mention my ugliness!! That was the end of our email exchange.

But she got me thinking. I should be thinner. I’m five foot nine, and my weight should be 170 lbs, but I was 196. I have big arms and shoulders, but I had a little paunch.

So, you know what? I decided Jill was right! 

Here is where it gets good! I want to use my story to help you because many of us have difficulty losing weight and taking criticism. I set to work reaching a goal.

reaching a goal

Setting and Reaching a Goal

My goal was to lose twenty-five lbs in two months. I entered my boal into my system:

Plan: Lose twenty-five lbs. in two months!
How? Nutrisystem. My Mom used it with success, and I don’t have to cook
Why? My knee is killing me, and this should help. Plus, I want to look better and lose the gut. I will have more energy and ripped abs when I hit Florida!
When: Start Jan.15th when my food arrives and weigh 170 by March 15th
Affirmation: “It feels great to be 170 lbs. again!”

I have a few more steps, but you get the gist.

BAM! I still weigh 168 this morning!

But, what’s your point, Gregg?

Don’t Get Angry, Get Motivated!

My point is this: Instead of being hurt by what someone says, use their words as motivation to improve yourself!

I could have gotten angry and upset at Jill, but I chose not to. Confident people take negative energy, turn it positive, and use it for their gain. The ultimate way of getting even is to show the world, or Jill, in my case, their words motivate you, and then do it!

The more negative stuff I hear, the better!!

  • People told me not to open my own construction business. DONE
  • Others laughed when I decided to pursue being a dating coach. DONE√
  • They laughed at me for writing books to help people date. DONE√
  • Jill said I was fat. DONE√
  • Gregg, you will never camp out on Mars (Ok, this could be more difficult)

This afternoon I am working on my ugliness…I put a bag over my head and emailed Jill…hahaha!

So if I can do it, so can you!!

Oh, I almost forgot…thank you, Jill.

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5 Rules To Follow on Your Journey to Catch Mr. Right

5 Rules To Follow on Your Journey to Catch Mr. Right

How to Know if You Found the Right Guy?

In To Date a Man, You Must Understand A Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy, Gregg says, “Cast a net off your boat and fill your bucket with men. Then throw back the losers and keep a few in your koi pond.” So how do you know if you should reel him in or cast him overboard?

It’s Tiffany today to remind you that you are the CHOOSER! It’s all up to you to decide whether or not he’s a keeper. And it’s not that hard to figure out, once you have the right gear. I’m not talking fishing poles and actual nets, but solid tools and rules to follow on your journey to catch Mr. Right.

Write It Down

So, you’ve been on a few dates and you have him firmly in your net. Before you go any farther, stop and write down at least ten sentences that detail exactly how you want to be treated by a guy.

Do you want a man who puts you first? Someone who makes you laugh? Someone respectful? Thoughtful? Romantic? Once you have a solid ten, narrow it down to a good three to five items that are non-negotiable.

Now promise yourself you will not fall for the guy unless he proves — consistently, through his actions — that he is the quality man you are looking for. No exceptions. If he doesn’t realistically meet your standards, cast him overboard.

Take A Step Back

When we are really into someone, we tend to view everything with blinders on. It’s hard to assess the relationship clearly when we only see the good. But is he truly a decent guy?

Or is he just hot, without any real substance? In Who Holds The Cards Now? 5 Lethal Steps to Win His Heart and Get Him to Commit, Gregg Michaelsen advises us to slow down and take a step back to discover his true worth.

This is especially important before sex gets in the way, and clouds our minds even more. Remember, YOU hold the cards. Keep it in lock-down mode until you are sure he is a man of value.

Have Your Friends Meet Him

You may have blinders on, but your friends surely don’t! Good girlfriends have your back, and can help you see if he’s the real deal, or just a blowfish. Try not to get defensive when they give you their unbiased opinion.

Listen to what they have to say and trust that they want what’s best for you. If the guy isn’t all that, they can help you give him the heave ho. Cast him overboard. But if they think you found the right guy, reel him in!

Is He Mr. Right?

Meet His Friends

This can be a real game changer. If he doesn’t want you to meet his buddies, there is something wrong. Cast him overboard. If he wants you to meet his buddies, and wants to show you off — great! Take this time to find out what they have to say about your man.

Do they respect him? Is he a reliable, stand up guy? Or is he a girl chaser? Is he a slob? Also pay attention to how your man behaves in this situation. Is he attentive to you? Is he confident and relaxed? Does he put you first? Or is he always siding with the guys? Is he nervous? Insecure? Clingy? Is he crudely checking out other girls? Is he an obnoxious drunk?

Does his personality change in a negative way when he’s with his crew? Remember, if his friends are immature, or if they are all players, chances are he is too. If you find that’s the case, get rid of him — fast!

Follow Your Intuition

Does he make excuses all the time? Does he fail to step up when you need him? Is he too busy to meet your family and friends? Is he controlling? Self-centered? Rude? These are all red flags!

Whatever the behavior may be, if it gives you those uneasy vibes, it’s wrong! When in doubt, follow your intuition. We women are famous for it, so use it — and lose him. Cast him overboard!

On your way to “The One,” you are bound to catch a few bad fish. But remember, there are plenty of men in the sea, so keep casting your net and reel in the good ones! Who knows, you might just score the catch of a lifetime!

Hi, I’m Tiffany — the new girl! Gregg has summoned my powers to help his blog grow by leaps and bounds. Gregg, Kirbie and I will help bring you the complete gamut of ideas, solutions and issues we all face in the name of love.
Getting into that “Little Black Dress” – aka DIET is a 4 Letter Word

Getting into that “Little Black Dress” – aka DIET is a 4 Letter Word

Hi ladies, Kirbie again. Gregg has been a writing fool – and I can tell you, after just finishing my first reading of his new book, that you’re gonna LOVE it!!! I was hooked right off the bat! It made me think, chuckle and have hope. Now, for the topic at hand. As I was reading Gregg’s new book, a peeve topic came up – DIETing. Why is this a peeve topic? Because I hate the word DIET. Gregg and I work very well together because, in many instances, we come from the same ‘place’. I hold workshops sometimes, and they focus on things like leadership and personal development. In one workshop on goal setting, I was explaining why people don’t often achieve their goals, and one man asked, “Is this why people often fail at dieting?”. Well, I smiled, took a deep breath and said “No, but since you asked, let me give you my take on dieting.” You didn’t ask, but here it is anyway. D-I-E-T is a four letter word – no denying that, right? Diet is also a word that we think of as a temporary activity to lose weight. Diet, as defined by Mirriam-Webster, however, goes something like this:
a: food and drink regularly provided; b: habitual nourishment; c: the kind and amount of food prescribed for a personal or animal for a special reason; d: a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight;
If we follow the real definition of diet, then, it just means eating. The trick to losing weight is to change up what and how you eat – not temporarily – permanently. Several years ago, I went from being a carnivore to being a vegetarian. I really didn’t like meat so why eat it? It wasn’t some animal rights decision or anything like that – just a preference. About 18 months ago, I was forced to begin eating vegan due to allergies. The result? About 20 lbs gone. Why? I changed how I was eating. Once you switch to eating more fruits and vegetables instead of cakes, breads, high-fat meats and dairy products, your body starts burning up all of the fat you had stored away. Another benefit I discovered was that I got sick less often, and when I do get sick, it’s not usually as bad. The point of that is this – in order to get into your little black dress, or your regular-sized black dress, which is more reasonable for someone my age, you are going to need to change how and what you eat.

How to ‘Git ‘er Done’

Eat smaller portions – did you know you should only eat a piece of meat that is the size of a deck of cards? When was the last time you did that? Did you also know that something like 3/4 of your plate should be grains & veggies, with a small portion being meat or protein? Eight ounces of milk is a serving, not the whole 12-15 ounce glass. I highly recommend joining Weight Watchers, even for just a month. They will teach you portion control and they will do it fast! This program runs on a point system – not denial. You can have that 16 ounce steak or that big hunk of chocolate cake, but it’s gonna cost you about 2/3 of your WEEKLY allotment of ‘points’, leaving you with very few options for the remainder of the week. I’m now very mindful about reading labels – how many shrimp are in a serving? WOW only 6 and I once ate 10? Of course, it goes without saying that you can lose weight by changing how you eat, but don’t forget the exercise component. I’m not going to drag on about it here, mostly because I’m not a traditional exercise type of person – too many artificial and ‘shored up’ joints. Instead, I like to do things like taking walks in the early morning after it has snowed or, like today, shoveling my driveway or running around the house chasing my granddaughters like a monster. Think about it this way- when was the last time you heard someone say “Yeah I’ve been doing Adkins now for 10 years and I feel great!” More likely, they tried it for a couple of weeks and blammo, they got sick of eating that way and gave up, yo-yo’d back to their original weight, or worse – higher, and maybe tried another ‘fad’ diet only to have the same results. Set a goal today to begin eating better. No vow to start another diet or anything like that, just get healthy. Oh and one final thing – when you DO fall off of the wagon for a day, don’t beat yourself up. It’s over and done with, you know it won’t contribute to your goal of 10 more pounds, but stop beating yourself up over it – you ate it, move on.  
Are You Comfortable in YOUR Own Shoes? Confidence Advice for Women!

Are You Comfortable in YOUR Own Shoes? Confidence Advice for Women!

Confidence can take a hit pretty easily – a breakup, a failed relationship, maybe just looking for a relationship for a long time – all of these can put your confidence in the tank. Follow the advice for women below to help you get started in rebuilding your confidence. This infographic is a companion to my newest book, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes. Click on the image to the left to download your infographic today!!  
Do You Have a Life Plan? Take My Challenge

Do You Have a Life Plan? Take My Challenge

DO you have a life plan? Where will you be in 1 year? 5 years? What will you be doing? Will you be confident? Who will you be with? How many cats will you have? What color car will you drive? Will your shoe closet be large enough?

I see more and more people meandering through life like a leaf in a river. They jump in and wherever the current takes them is where they end. No wonder they never end up happy or successful in their lives. Try this: sit down right now and make a plan. Make a road map for your life starting TODAY!


  • Everything you want to do
  • Everyone you want to meet
  • Everywhere you want to go
  • Anything you want to be
  • Hobbies you want to try
  • Careers that interest you
  • Type of men that you want to date

Imagine you can have anything you want! I mean ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Next, let’s pick some and make a plan to accomplish a few. In fact, let’s just pick one easy item on the list and see if you can accomplish it in one week. Take a few minutes and write down the exact sequence of events that will make this small goal happen. Give each small step an exact time when it be completed, then make the magic happen! Make it fun, bring along a friend, but DO it. The feeling you will get will be extraordinary! It will change how you move forward in life for good. Don’t wait for life to come to you – BRING it to you. You control your own destiny – not your boyfriend or your parents or your financial situation. YOU DO!

Tell me, do you have a life plan?

For more on this “confidence plan for women”, check out my confidence building book, written just for women.

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