2 Different Kinds of Guys and How to Date Them!

How Do You Date Different Types of Men?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to identify different types of men and know which is best for you? It’s no secret that men are difficult to classify. Each man is a mixture of traits which create his unique personality. That’s challenging for any woman!

What’s more challenging is that men can change and move into and out of categories for brief periods of time.

The shy guy can find a little alcohol and become outgoing, until he sobers up. The short, overcompensating guy can decide to lay off the gym for a while and move back into being a mamma’s boy. Don’t worry, he’ll hit the gym again eventually.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to identify which type of guy you’ve found so you can know if he’s best for you? Well, good news! I’ve got two categories to share with you today. There are more than two, but these two should help you as they’re two of the most popular types.

I know categorizing men seems shallow in some way, but the truth is when you can see the pros and cons of different personality types, you can better understand if he’s datable and how you can leverage his traits when dating him.

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Different Types of Men | The Over-Compensator

This type of man fakes high self-esteem better than most. The over-compensator tends to be short and probably drives a big truck or a fast car.

He probably has larger than life, barbed wire tattoos around his arms. His vehicle has a loud exhaust system, on purpose, so he can announce his perceived high, but truly low self-worth.

This guy will never cry and he works out every day. He walks with great posture and looks as if he has beehives under his arm pits.

Muscle shirts? Oh yeah, even in the winter. This guy smells good, albeit, a little too good. He wears lifts in his shoes but, if you ask him, he’ll say they’re orthotics.

The over-compensator eats extremely well, if you like protein. No chips or cookies for this guy – no way. Just a steroid shot in the ass and a power shake for good measure!

The Pros Of Dating The Over-Compensator

With Proper Care, This Type of Man Can Improve!

All kidding aside, the over-compensator can be a good guy. Many people have low self-esteem, but this man is doing something about it, unlike most of his counterparts.

He should get credit for that. This type of man works hard, not only at the gym, but at his job and in his relationships. He usually has a good job. When his ego is stroked a little, he will stop showing off and get down to business.

He Is A Protector

The over-compensator will keep you safe. Leave the pit-bull at the animal shelter! You’re dating one…no dog food needed, but don’t forget the protein shake! His protective instincts are a little more heightened than some other types of men.

For that reason, he’ll open doors for you to make sure you get inside the car or building safely. He’ll walk on the street side of the sidewalk and put his arm around you in a protective way.

The Cons of this Type of Man

He Can Have A Bad Attitude

The over-compensator can have an attitude when his ego doesn’t get stroked. He will be quick to pick a fight with any man who insults or challenges him. This makes him a look immature, compared to other guys.

He Gets Jealous

The over-compensator tends to be jealous. This type of man has difficulty coping with competition and will always have some shortcomings in this department. You can mitigate this by trying not to show interest in other men when you’re together. Yes, even something more than a glance at another guy can stir his insecurity.

Over time, as he becomes more secure in your relationship, this may lessen, but if it doesn’t, he’s not the guy for you. You should be able to look in the direction of another guy without stirring jealousy.

He Has Poor Spending Habits

This guy is a spender! He spends a lot on material items as part of his attempt to prove to the masses that he is just as good as the next guy. He does much better controlling this impulse when he is with a loving woman.

Make sure he knows you care for him because of who he is, not because of what he has, and he may eventually be able to rein in his spending. If he doesn’t, it may be time to cut ties.

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Is He Datable? How?

The over-compensator can be datable. The key is not to make fun of him or his truck until you really know him, and even then, be very careful. This is especially true in the bedroom.

One mention of his small penis and he’s doing more chin-ups and putting even bigger tires on his ’75 Bronco. He has limited funds, so know your birthday gift will be reduced to a Planet Fitness 5% off membership coupon.

To stroke the his ego, let him make the plans. He’s very good at it and willing to take the lead. When in public, don’t even think of looking at other guys, especially tall guys. If you do, get ready for the street fight.

Are you dating a loser?

It’s important to know why this type of man is overcompensating. It may be based on harmless insecurities like his height, or it could be his limited bank account. It could also be more harmful insecurities like really low self-esteem or a drug or alcohol addiction. These can cause anger issues.

If you are okay with his reasons for overcompensating, you can begin to build his confidence by showing him that his shortcomings are no big deal to you.

The over-compensator can be a good man. He is a sensitive type of man, he just has a few hot button issues that you need to understand and massage.

Top Pointers for Dating the Over-Compensator

  • Never wear heels – he won’t even walk next to you
  • Don’t ask him about the weights in his living room, bedroom, foyer, closet, dining room or bathroom
  • Take advantage of his many mirrors; kneel down and feel free to fix your hair
  • Don’t put your feet up on the dash, even if it IS a 75 Bronco, he will get angry
  • Ask him daily how many chin-ups he did
  • Understand why he is overcompensating and counter this with support

Different Personality Types of Men |The Mamma’s Boy

This type of man is smart, and he will be all in with you, but he’ll forget to mention that he lives in his mother’s basement. He has money because, well, he lives in the basement of his mother’s house!

Even if he moves in with you, mom comes with him in some way. If you live in, or move to another state, mom will move close by.

When you’re considering big life decisions, know he will check with mom.

Do you want kids? He’s on board but only mom can babysit. When you have a big argument, mom and her boy will side against you.

The interesting thing is that he is a good man. This attachment is his baggage, but it also can be his strength.

The Pros

He Is Chivalrous

The mamma’s boy is taught from a young age to treat a woman with respect. He was taught early on never to disrespect his mom. It also means that he won’t disrespect you or any other woman. You are very safe with this man. He will open doors for you and protect you from harm.

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Emotional Sharing

The mamma’s boy is comfortable sharing his emotions and understands women better than other types of men. You can talk more freely about your needs than you can with other men. If you’re upset, he’ll want to hear why. Did you get into a fender bender? He’ll be there to comfort you.

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The Cons

Your Relationship Will Lack Privacy

There will be times when you will have very little privacy. Mom stops by unannounced and has little regard for what you’re doing and whether you’re in the middle of something. Mom knows and takes advantage of the fact that she is number one with Junior.

Dinners and love making will be interrupted by text messages and phone calls and, if you get upset, watch out!

You should also be aware that private and he’s most likely sharing personal facts about you and your relationship with mom.

You’re Being Measured And Expected To Meet Her Standards

Meeting mom’s high standards for her boy takes a woman with very high self-esteem.

She is a master at beating down a woman with low self-esteem. She will be skeptical on almost every level until she feels you are worthy of dating her son. If you can win her over, you’re all set. To do so, don’t complain about her intervention to your guy. Complaining to your girlfriends is okay as long as it doesn’t get back to Junior or Mom.

Is He Datable? How?

The mamma’s boy can be datable. You need to be prepared to date two people though, mom and Junior. When you ask him for a decision, understand that he’ll only make it after he talks to mom.

Stay on mom’s good side. If you do, you will win over her heart and his too! As a bonus, all her money comes your way in the form of down payments for a house, luxury cars and anything the kids want.

On the down side, if you piss off mom, you are in trouble! A pre-nup is a given! She will always have a better lawyer than you and if she tells Junior to dump you – he will have to comply.

The mamma’s boy needs love and is accustomed to getting plenty from mom. Trying to shift this responsibility over to you could be difficult.

His attachment to his mom can be a huge point of contention between the two of you.

Love this guy, lavish him with attention daily, honor and recognize his bond with his mother and you could win him over for life.

A mamma’s boy needs nurturing. He will ultimately date and marry a woman who reminds him of his mom. These men generally date motherly, nurturing women.

He is an emotional man, which means he is very sensitive and sympathetic to others. He might even cry when you cry.

Top Pointers For Dating The Momma’s Boy

  • Suck up to mom and stay on her good side
  • Include mom at the beginning of any decision; you might even ask her first; try something like this, “What do you think your son would like, a Ferrari or a Porsche?”
  • Pick the most expensive house you can afford and then add 25%…Junior is worth it and mom will make up the difference – just avoid a duplex
  • Give this man love daily
  • Spend time alone with his mom; this will pay off big time

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