Ask Relationship Advice Anonymously – Specific Advice From a Pro!

Ask Relationship Advice Anonymously – Specific Advice From a Pro!

It takes courage to ask relationship advice. It’s like admitting you have no answers, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice, especially about your relationship!

The tricky part is knowing where to find excellent relationship advice.

There are people you should and shouldn’t ask, and we’ll explore that momentarily. First, I want you to remove the stigma. You can ask for anonymous relationship advice if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Who to Avoid When You Ask Relationship Advice

Single Friends

Your gut tells you to go to your friends to ask relationship advice, but they may not be your best resource, especially if it’s your perpetually single friend.

People stay single for two main reasons. The first is that they want to remain single. If life is working for you, why make a change? Sometimes being single fits like a glove. There’s nobody to answer to, and you can paint the bedroom pink with nobody to consult first.

This person isn’t a good resource to ask dating advice because she’s happy where she is and is more likely to encourage you out of your relationship rather than in.

The other type of single friend is probably one you should avoid altogether. This single friend has an I hate the world attitude. This is, of course, why she’s single. Men can smell that from a mile away and steer clear. Even the players don’t want that action.

This friend isn’t likely to give you great advice because she’s currently in hate mode.

Your Friends Who Date a Lot

The friend who dates a different guy every week isn’t your best resource to ask relationship advice either. Her excuse for moving from man to man is probably there are other fish in the sea. While this is true, that attitude isn’t helpful if you’re battling something difficult in your relationship.

You’re asking for advice so you can work through your problems, not dump them and your boyfriend and run.

Your Family

You had to know this was coming. Your family will always look out for your best interest. Of that, I have no doubt. The problem is that they’ll be the first ones to vilify your boyfriend the minute he even sneezes in the wrong direction and you complain about it.

Family loves you, and they never want to see you in pain. To that end, they will always choose your side.

Because of that, their advice carries a heavy bias.

Your Ex

Your ex might still have feelings for you, and now that he can smell trouble in your current relationship, he may swoop in for the kill. He might look like he’s in it for your best interest, but he’s not.

And if he denies those feelings, he may still look out for your interests over the relationship as a whole. He won’t do so intentionally, but some part of him loved you once, and he’ll have your back regardless.

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Who to Ask Relationship Advice Of

So if you can’t ask your friends and family, who can you ask?

Ask Relationship Advice of Someone Without a Player Involved

We’ve ruled out your family and friends, but not his. I know you’re closer to his sister than he is, and his mother loves you, but they’re going to do the same thing as your family. Stick with their family member.

His friends are the same. Oh, you might find one who sees things from your side, but in the end, his friends are going to do for him what your friends will do for you.

Instead, it would help if you found someone unbiased, without a dog in the hunt, as they say.

Of course, the ultimate question is, who is that person? Where can you find such an unbiased advisor?

Where to Find Advice

If you’re a religious person, you may find your church’s pastor helpful, especially if he knows both of you, but if either of you has a friendship or personal relationship with him, he won’t be a good resource.

Of course, in-person relationship counseling is always great, but it can get pricy quickly, and your boyfriend will also need to attend at some point. He may or may not be willing to do so.

A third option is to do what you’re doing – search the internet, but that comes with its own problems.

If you’re going to use the internet to search, look for credible sites or people. Do some homework and look for reviews or read things they’ve written and determine how they think.

Some sites like BetterHelp.com and others provide professional care, but there are also dating and life coaches, like me, who can help you as well.

Ask Relationship Advice Here

I provide a service that allows you to ask anonymous relationship advice, well, sort of anonymous. You can do it all through email. Short of free advice, it’s probably one of the best deals you’ll get!

Ask Relationship Advice here.

It’s easy, private, and quick. Once you submit your question, you receive a reply within twenty-four hours, usually much faster. After you receive your answer, you can ask a follow-up question.

It’s that easy!

Is Anonymous Relationship Advice Right for You?

Only you can answer that question, but I guess you’re here because there’s a question burning inside, and you don’t know who to ask. So, my short answer is yes, anonymous relationship advice, or at least finding a resource from which to ask for relationship advice, is a great idea!

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