The Ultimate Collection of Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

The Ultimate Collection of Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

105 Wonderful Date Night Ideas for Married Couples to Share

I don’t know about where you live, but in New England, fall is a beautiful time of year and it can also be a very romantic time as fireplaces begin to blaze and the beautiful colors of autumn dance across the landscape.
It’s a great time to get back into the date night habit or start one if you haven’t put one in place. I’ve compiled this list of date night ideas for you and, I’ve even got a free bucket list printable for you to jot down the ideas you’d like to use!
Date Night Ideas

Spend Time Outdoors Together

  1. Find your way through a corn maze together – no maps allowed
  2. Date night idea – Go through a haunted house together
  3. Find a local harvest festival or county fair
  4. Make a bonfire and snuggle under a blanket – don’t forget the s’mores
  5. Have a pumpkin carving contest
  6. Rake a big pile of leaves and jump into it
  7. Get or make Halloween costumes for a famous pair or couple
  8. Attend a local high school football game on Homecoming night
  9. Go on a hayride – evening if possible, for added romance
  10. Visit a local farmer’s market
  11. Camp out in the backyard on a clear night and do some star gazing
  12. Take an autumn walk in the woods
  13. Have a scary movie marathon on Halloween
  14. Do a pumpkin beer tasting night
  15. Find a local Renaissance Festival, dress up and go
  16. Go apple picking
  17. Find a local pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins
  18. Have a fall picnic
  19. Three words – bob for apples
  20. Make scarecrows out of old clothing or thrift store duds
  21. Have a drive-in movie date
  22. Go on a bike ride together on a local trail
  23. Take a cool night dip in the hot tub
  24. Hire a photographer or ask a friend to do some outdoor fall photos of the two of you
  25. Take a walk in the woods and gather some fall flowers and leaves for an arrangement at home
  26. Go tailgating with friends at a local sporting event
  27. Gather friends for a fun, fall flag football game
  28. Take a hot air balloon ride together
  29. Start a Giving Plate tradition – fill a plate with goodies and a note for the recipient to keep the treats, refill the plate and pass it on to someone else
  30. Fly kites
  31. Go to an outdoor adventure park and embark in some risk-taking adventures
  32. Play mini golf before the cold weather sets in (if you get cold weather, that is)

Download your FREE Fall Bucket List Worksheet

Spend Time Indoors Together Date Night Ideas

  1. Go to a used bookstore and find books you can read together during the cooler weather
  2. Stay in and cook a cozy meal together
  3. Bake your favorite gooey baked treat together
  4. Gather some friends and go bowling
  5. Make a Halloween Haunted House with candy (like a gingerbread house)
  6. Start a gratitude journal
  7. Find a hobby you can share or combine hobbies you both have and spend that time together
  8. Set up a hot chocolate bar and invite friends over
  9. Decorate for fall together
  10. Invite friends over and host a chili cook-off
  11. Take a class together – photography, cooking, etc.
  12. Light a fire, put on the cozy socks and snuggle with a movie binge and some popcorn
  13. Great date night idea! Breakfast in bed – pumpkin donuts and warm apple cider
  14. Create your own fall cocktail together
  15. Learn how to brew your own autumn beer
  16. Host a Halloween costume party for your friends
  17. Pass out Halloween candy to Trick or Treaters…in costume (but don’t scare the little ones)
  18. Find an autumn theme puzzle and spend a chilly weekend in putting it together
  19. Have a Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance move competition
  20. Stay in and watch favorite seasonal cartoons – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, etc.
  21. Invite friends over for a board game night or play with just the two of you
  22. Go to a local comedy club together
  23. Visit a local roller-skating rink
  24. Make your own pizzas together
  25. Cook through a recipe book together
  26. Learn more about wines with weekly wine tasting
  27. Go to the theater or opera
  28. Go to a live music venue and hang out with friends
  29. Have friends over for a trivia night
  30. Hang out at a local arcade and play games
  31. Find an area of your lives you want to improve and watch TED talks on the subject
  32. Learn a foreign language together – then plan a trip to that country
  33. Have a fondue dinner together
  34. Go rock climbing together
  35. Plan a weekly ethnic food tour with different regions each weekDo a progressive dinner night with friends – have a different course at each home

Road Trippin’

  1. Take an autumn scenic drive when the leaves are in full color
  2. Do a tour of covered bridges
  3. Tour local wineries
  4. Take a tour of local ghost sites in your area
  5. Visit the Kentucky Bourbon trail and warm up with some great bourbon
  6. Tour an historic town
  7. Find a romantic bed and breakfast and spend the weekend by the fire relaxing
  8. Head to the mountains and watch the sunrise together
  9. Go camping or find a cabin in the woods for the weekend
  10. Revisit your high school or college alma mater and go to a football game
  11. Go to a neighboring town and go antiquing
  12. Oktoberfest – local or – what the heck, go to Germany!
  13. Spend the day kayaking or canoeing
  14. Visit an art museum, arboretum or science museum together
  15. Travel to see a concert of your favorite group
  16. Take a trip by train (be sure to get a sleeper car!)

Date Night Ideas for Married Couples that Give Back

  1. Build a Habitat for Humanity project together
  2. Volunteer for a local Meals on Wheels or soup kitchen together
  3. Visit a local animal shelter and help with the pets
  4. Go to a local nursing home and play games with the residents
  5. Go to New York City for the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Don’t forget your FREE Fall Bucket List Worksheet

Bring the Romance Back with a Few Hot Date Night Ideas

  1. Strip poker, or strip any game
  2. Do movie night in bed
  3. Get a couple’s massage – better yet, give one another a massage
  4. Dance together at home or go out dancing
  5. Plan your future
  6. Start a couple’s journal together
  7. Get all dressed up for a night on the town – order in
  8. Read a romantic book together
  9. Share a bubble bath together with candles, wine and lots of heat
  10. Practice your kissing
  11. Write love letters to each other
  12. Snuggle under a blanket fort
  13. Play truth or dare
  14. Two cans of whipped cream = whipped cream fight! How you get it off is up to you!
  15. Start writing to each other in a couples journal
  16. Create a bucket list and start checking off your adventures

A relationship takes work. But it can be fun work if you know how to go about it and my date night ideas are just what the therapist ordered! My relationship thrives because we make each other our priority. I want to share with you the secrets to bulletproof yours. Careers, kids, and everyday stress can take its toll on the communication between you. That’s why you need these date night ideas for married couples and what better time to start then fall in America!

Download your FREE Fall Bucket List Worksheet

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