Confidence Course for Women is Here

Confidence Course for Women is Here

Confidence Course for Women

Self-confidence is in play everyday of our lives. Unfortunately, most people’s confidence has taken a beating through out our lives. Childhood and failed relationships are just two easy ways to put a dent in the old confidence armor. There are other things that occur throughout your life that may ding you up a little bit. Do not despair – I am here to help you get it back – permanently! That’s why I have developed this confidence course for women.

This course will help you get your confidence back. It’s simple, easy and powerful. This confidence course for women provides you with practical examples and a special toolbox, created just for you! By the end of this course, you will be a new and confident woman with goals to pursue and a busy life! Have you ever listened to that little voice in your head? The voice which says “you can’t do that” or “you are too fat” is about to go. That type of self-talk is counterproductive and it stops today! You will learn the value of affirmations and how to change your self talk from negative to positive, recognizing the good you do in your everyday life. You will learn to set goals, understand the value of meditation and you will begin to concentrate on meaningful things that are important in your life. Why should you involve yourself in a confidence course for women? Not only will this help you develop a higher level of confidence and self-esteem, but you will be attracting men – and not just any men either – high value men! High value men are attracted to women who light up a room when they walk in, proud, confident and standing tall. When a confident woman enters a room, she does so with her shoulders square, a contagious smile and eyes that are dancing around the room, looking for the first of many people she will engage in conversation. This can be you!

Get your confidence boost by working your way through this confidence course for women! Your journey to higher confidence and self-esteem begins the minute you start reading! There’s no time like now to get started! Your life is waiting!

The Role of Confidence in Dating

The Role of Confidence in Dating

If you read any of Gregg’s books, or many of the blog posts or pages on this site, you see the word “confidence” quite often, and you’re probably wondering why on earth we harp on confidence so much. It’s Kirbie today, and I’m going to start off by clearly defining what confidence is:

Confidence is knowing what you are good at, what kind of value you bring to other people, and being able to behave in a way that conveys your confidence to those around you.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance – something that is easy to do! Arrogance comes about when you believe you are better at something than you really are, but you act as if you’re providing more value than you really are. Confidence is hot. Arrogance is not.

Studies have shown that men are more attracted to the confidence a woman exudes with a smile than they may be to her overall attractiveness.

In the study cited above, men and women were both found to prefer a confident partner. Confidence makes a person seem more trustworthy – in other words, when you’re confident, men will believe your dating sales pitch!

Here are a few ways you may unknowingly be showing your lack of confidence

Giving reasons for things that happen

Let’s say you are walking up to meet your new guy and you trip over something. Someone who lacks confidence will immediately begin with “There must be a bump in the carpet there!.” A confident person will probably chuckle and say “oh well” IF they say anything at all!

Giving reasons for poor performance

Imagine you and your guy are out on a bowling date – you manage to bowl a 75. Your man may say something like – “Wow 75! You’re like a bowling pro!” Whether it’s a high score for you or a low score, a low confidence individual may say something like “Weeelllllll I had a blister on my thumb and my shoes were too tight”. Someone who has great confidence will probably say something like “YAY ME!”, IF they say anything at all! I might note that this type of criticism from him shows his lack of confidence!

Compensating for Inabilities

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is good at everything, despite their desire to be. A person who lacks confidence expects herself to be good at everything and tries to compensate when confronted. For example, let’s say one of your girlfriends says “Girl you look really beat today!” If you’re a confident individual, you may just say “Yea I had a rough night” or something like that. A person who lacks confidence might say “I’m never tired! I don’t need sleep!”

Body Language is Everything

We’ve all heard about using body language to our best advantage. This goes for confidence as well. That arms-folded, legs crossed body language not only shows you as being closed off, it indicates a lack of confidence. Confident people reserve this position for when they’re absolutely freezing OR they have been offended. It really says something when you use it right!


This kind of goes back to our poor performance above. Perfectionists don’t feel that they can ever make a mistake. This is a dangerous mindset. It can cause you much turmoil and stress. It can even be debilitating to some individuals. Facing an environment where failure may occur can be paralyzing for some folks. This goes back to not having enough confidence to believe in your abilities to overcome mistakes. Confident people know mistakes are part of life. Rather than sweat mistakes, they realize that a mistake is a learning opportunity and they move on.

Inability to Accept a Compliment

If someone pays you a compliment, how do you react? Do you get embarrassed and uncomfortable? If so, this shows a lack of confidence. The confident person will hear a compliment and simply say “Thank you”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Maintaining Eye Contact

If you lack confidence, you probably find it difficult to maintain eye contact with someone. In a relationship, this can be very detrimental as maintaining eye contact helps build intimacy and shows you are paying attention. When you don’t want to maintain eye contact, you are really indicating that you don’t want someone to look too far past your façade.

Decision Making

I once knew someone who took more than a year to buy a car. At the time, I couldn’t understand it, but now I get it. Poor guy (still) can’t make a decision to save his life. This is a typical experience for people who lack confidence. They don’t believe in their ability to make a decision about even the most basic things, so the biggies, like a car, can be paralyzing.

This list of signs is not complete, but these are the highlights. Look through and think honestly about your own life. Do you do any of these things? You don’t have to do all of them, and I think most of us can see ourselves in one of them, but the trick now is to identify whether or not you do lack confidence, so that as you build your confidence back up, you will see it in your actions – and so will others!

Are You Comfortable in YOUR Own Shoes? Confidence Advice for Women!

Are You Comfortable in YOUR Own Shoes? Confidence Advice for Women!

Confidence can take a hit pretty easily – a breakup, a failed relationship, maybe just looking for a relationship for a long time – all of these can put your confidence in the tank. Follow the advice for women below to help you get started in rebuilding your confidence. This infographic is a companion to my newest book, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes. Click on the image to the left to download your infographic today!!  
Do You Have a Life Plan? Take My Challenge

Do You Have a Life Plan? Take My Challenge

DO you have a life plan? Where will you be in 1 year? 5 years? What will you be doing? Will you be confident? Who will you be with? How many cats will you have? What color car will you drive? Will your shoe closet be large enough?

I see more and more people meandering through life like a leaf in a river. They jump in and wherever the current takes them is where they end. No wonder they never end up happy or successful in their lives. Try this: sit down right now and make a plan. Make a road map for your life starting TODAY!


  • Everything you want to do
  • Everyone you want to meet
  • Everywhere you want to go
  • Anything you want to be
  • Hobbies you want to try
  • Careers that interest you
  • Type of men that you want to date

Imagine you can have anything you want! I mean ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Next, let’s pick some and make a plan to accomplish a few. In fact, let’s just pick one easy item on the list and see if you can accomplish it in one week. Take a few minutes and write down the exact sequence of events that will make this small goal happen. Give each small step an exact time when it be completed, then make the magic happen! Make it fun, bring along a friend, but DO it. The feeling you will get will be extraordinary! It will change how you move forward in life for good. Don’t wait for life to come to you – BRING it to you. You control your own destiny – not your boyfriend or your parents or your financial situation. YOU DO!

Tell me, do you have a life plan?

For more on this “confidence plan for women”, check out my confidence building book, written just for women.

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