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Understanding Men Book Bundle

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The Book that Started it All!

Who Holds the Cards Now? Hundreds of women who’ve already read this first in a series of nearly two-dozen books on helping women navigate the murky waters of relationships!

Life coach and author, Gregg Michaelsen, leads women through what he calls 5 Lethal Steps or Kryptonite, teaching them how to turn even the laziest man into a knight in shining armor!

No more complaining and whining after you read this great book! Just one man, willing to do your bidding!

Text Him THIS, Not THAT

When you text the men in your life, chances are, you’re making their eyes roll back in their heads. You text your guy friends like you text your girlfriends.

This will never work and it’s costing you relationships!

Learn how to text in ways which will not only get his attention but prompt him to reply sooner than he might otherwise. Trust me when I say he doesn’t want to scroll through 1000 characters of how crappy your day was!

Learn what he DOES want to read in this great book!

10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men

You’ve over-complicated the male mind. It’s not your fault. What you need is for a man to tell you the simple ways in which the male mind works!

In this great read, Michaelsen takes you through the 10 secrets you need to know in order to better understand men! This book picks up where To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man ends with even more information on understanding men!