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The Social Tigress: Dating Advice for Women to Attract Men and Get a Boyfriend!


The Social Tigress: Dating Advice for Women to Attract Men and Get a Boyfriend!

This dating book will produce one thing: MORE MEN. Now I know you don’t want more men you just want the RIGHT man. But to get the right man you need CHANGE and that’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Gregg, my life is spent going out, meeting people and learning the dynamics of Saturday nights, daytime get togethers and work place interactions that lead to love and EVERYTHING in between. One thing still blows my mind: Why wonderful, intelligent women are still single! Many have given up or don’t have a clue what they are doing wrong.

I can change this. No fluff, no crap, just the price of a cup of coffee! Powerful dating advice for women that will attract men.

The Social Tigress will

  1. Define who you really are
  2. Decide what type of a man you really want
  3. Find and meet that man at HIS venues (not a bar)
  4. Chase down your passions while meeting men
  5. All while we stroke your confidence

The bottom line? This dating advice for women book will attract men and get you a boyfriend while building your self esteem!

If you want to attract a man in your life then LISTEN to a guy! My tactics work and I have the reviews to back me. My biggest problem is not getting you to believe my advice, you will, it is to get you to CHANGE.
Ladies, You are Gonna Love This!

  1. 4 immediate steps that you can start tonight to attract men
  2. 5 sure-fire ways to meet quality men.They are not what you think!
  3. The mindset to choose men and not be chosen
  4. How to become a high value woman while you are single
  5. How to attract men with an emotional connection and NOT the lure of sex
  6. Recognizing the sharks and wasting them at their own egotistical game
  7. Having REAL fun at bars all while attracting descent men

Be open to my advice, bring me attitude and I’ll change your life!

This dating advice book is the real deal! Click on the Add to cart button right now to begin your new, successful dating life with men today. I promise that you won’t regret it.