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The Man Whisperer


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Become a Man Whisperer with this one-of-a-kind program designed specifically to help you understand men and manage your relationships with them. With this program, you get:

  • 26 Lessons
  • 16 Infographics
  • 13+ Videos
  • 9 Course-Specific Exercises and 4 Bonus Special Reports.

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Are you tired of being frustrated in your relationships with men?

Do you wish you could solve your relationship problems?


The Man Whisperer is here!


  1. Sherry Robins

    Ladies, get this course! I am a widowed after 22 years of marriage. I have (had) no clue about dating so much so, that I stayed home and knitted all day. Last year I wanted a change, a man to spend time with, and started reading Mr. Michaelsen’s books. Now I’m hooked! I now date with confidence and I feel I have the edge over men. It’s like having Gregg perched on my shoulder 24/7! Seriously, save up if you have to, but get this course…then give your daughter this course and her daughter. -Sherry

  2. Maggie

    This is great. I had a few questions while taking this course and Greg responded through the contact form immediately…like 30 minutes immediately. Never heard of this stuff – excited to try his techniques.

  3. Shanna

    Watched Greg doing a video shoot with Helen fisher. I love Helen Fisher! He went at it with 4 women and in the end i realized i should be following Greg so I bought this course. This course is all about understanding the male mind from a guy’s perspective, stuff I never knew about before like how men love and perceived freedom. Perceived freedom? yep, no idea that a man can be married and if you throw him a bone (a golf outing with his buds once in a while) that he will stay happy because he perceives he has some freedom still…BRILLIANT. Greg is happy to talk to you directly which is an added bonus. Great course!

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