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Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life



You’ve already read my best sellers on building your confidence and finding a great man. It’s only natural for you now to be asking me how to keep a man. While it’s rare, I do love getting this question from women because I know they have a solid relationship worth keeping.

When you read this book, you take your great relationship to the next level! Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life is for those of you who are high value women with a high value man. You are putting those last pieces into your relationship puzzle.

Placing pennies in the jar means building memories and intimacy with the man you love. This book covers a variety of topics including date night, resolving conflicts, knowing when to give your man some space and building memories in a variety of ways.

Couples, especially couples who have either been together for a long time or have children, get bogged down in the details of life outside of their relationship. Pennies in the Jar helps you find ways to make sure you don’t forget to take time out for one another – to put the same energy you’re putting into your kids, career and everyday life into your relationship.

Knowing how to keep a man, Pennies in the Jar, provides you with secret relationship weapons. Think of it as building a fortress around the two of you – nothing can penetrate. Not an affair, devastating event, career setback, or other outside force, can negatively impact your relationship with lots of pennies in the jar!

When you go to sleep at night and all of your wonderful dreams are about your man, how do you replace that? You don’t want to, and you can’t!

It’s a great way to define love and it’s The Holy Grail, if you ask me. Load up your jar with shiny pennies and watch your relationship flourish.