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Own Your Tomorrow: 14 Steps to Prepare for Love


In Own Your Tomorrow, you will be guided through the process of:

  • Creating a chick retreat (your counter to the man cave)
  • Developing and envisioning your life vision
  • Simplifying and cleansing your current environment
  • Becoming a positive person, eyes fixed on the future
  • Living outside your comfort zone
  • How spirituality can help you find love
  • Believing in yourself
  • Understanding men
  • And much, much more!

In Part 2 of Own Your Tomorrow, you will be awestruck with my 19 Rules for Getting and Keeping a Guy. In this section of the book, you will find insight on setting boundaries, compromise, vulnerability, passion, sex and staying out of the dreaded friend zone. These are powerful rules, many of which go against a woman’s normal instincts, but all of which help you to become even more appealing to your man.

I am so excited to have written this book for you. I have wanted to pull together many of the things I tell my coaching clients into one place for a long time, and Own Your Tomorrow does this. It allows me to provide all of my readers with the valuable dating tips my coaching clients have had success with over the last few years.

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